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Yay! You happen to be Engaged! What do do initial | Wedding Preparing

Yay! You are engaged! You must be pondering, what to do when newly engaged? Right here are the 1st 5 methods to take to get your wedding preparing began!

1. Set your date
two. Set your spending budget
three. Get organized! Get a wedding planner
4. Make a decision on a theme or colors
five. What sort of wedding do you want to have??

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From: Alina Narr



  1. Vegas Weddings Planner

    Hi Alina, great video & great content! I am a Las Vegas wedding planner, not a big "youtuber" but starting my channel to advise brides on wedding planning. Would be happy for you and everyone who sees this post to subscribe! I am starting posting wedding planning videos in January of 2018! =)

  2. Planning a wedding? Check out my Etsy shop, GravityGroundsMe! I have a few wedding items that are very reasonably priced, and I am always looking to add more. The links for two of my creations are posted below.

  3. I’m so scared to plan my wedding me and my fiancé have been engaged since April 19th and haven’t done shit except get my engagement ring xD

  4. Shanna Williams

    Thank you so much for making this video. My fiancé and I recently got engaged and are both Active Duty military so planning a wedding has been stressful and hard but your video has helped a lot. THANKS!!!

  5. Kayla Slinkard

    I’m sure she has valuable info but I can’t stand to watch this due to horrible jump cuts, and the constant mouth smacking sounds, and pushing hair out of her face

  6. Hi! Just saw your vid and loved it. First off loo ice that lipstick color… Can I please have the name of it?? And second, I hear a lot about how stressful it is to plan a wedding and would like to know how you made it fun?! Thanks so much!

  7. Cheri Bianca Olivier

    I just got engaged. wedding a year away and your video just calmed me down and gave me a place to start. Thank you for that and keep up the amazing work. xoxo

  8. Sarahlizify xo

    I’m getting married in July 2017 do you think it’s too early to send Save the Date invitations in April/May 2016? Some guests will have to get plane tickets 🙂

  9. Sange Botelho

    My favourite colour is purple as well I’m having a masquerade wedding and my colours are purple,silver and black. Our wedding date is November 11 2017

  10. Hannah Willams

    Just recently got engaged and I love where you said y’all got married on your 11th anniversary because we plan to get married on our 10th! Thanks for the video!

  11. Nicole Rivera

    Im getting married in two years so I have plenty of time to plan it! My fiance is more into this than me lol! But im getting there. Btw im watching all your videos and im excited i still can’t believe im getting married

  12. Chalise Rodriguez

    I’m in school to become an event planner but I want to specialize in wedding planning so these videos are sooo fun for me to watch!

  13. Mariamparker

    I have 6 months to plan my wedding…ahhh! I’m already feeling stressed and can’t sleep. I’m just glad my fiances parents want to help.

  14. I am getting a wedding planning. Having the wedding in Canada for my mom, she is a cancer patient but I live in the US. It is impossible to plan mine.

  15. Ana Gonzalez.

    I just got engaged. I don’t have a date yet. But it will be a destination wedding to the Dominican Republic sometime at the end of August beginning of September. I don’t know where to start. Thanks for the video.

  16. Pikachubaccas

    Got engaged 3 days ago. Already stressing the wedding. We’re planning it for Feb. 24 thank you for making these videos

  17. thelma navarro

    I just got engaged a few days ago I don’t work and I have no idea where to start off am having trouble and I wanted to see how you made your wedding planner just to give me an idea my wedding we are planning to do it in December or November we haven’t got an exact date can you please help

  18. I can’t wait to watch the rest of your videos! I am planning our wedding now and all your videos look very helpful! Thank you for sharing your love and expertise on wedding planning with us 🙂

  19. Roberto Sandoval

    my significant other and i just got engaged and everything seems soooo stressful. we don’t have a date yet, but are thinking of next year around this time. the only thing that concerns me is figuring out a decent budget. my fiancé’s family is HUGE and our wedding will have to be in the 300+ people. Therefore, if you have any suggestions on how to figure out budget, venue & knowing what they include and what we may need to look after in case the venue doesn’t include. You should be our wedding coordinator lol. any who, thanks for the videos and im looking forward to hearing back from you. have a great day.

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