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Worst Wedding Disasters. These are insane…

Worst Wedding Disasters. These are insane…

From: FAIL Nation



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  2. lyanna lyanna

    i would divorce this agressive rude moron at once!!he shove the whole tier to her face and he pushed her down and she fell on marble hard floor!!one can see cut on her arm and how she hit her head against table when she was falling down…i bet this poor girl was very emabarassed and humilated

  3. Hagarmma Model

    I would file for a divorce right in front of the guess if my newly husband slash a cake on my face like that! I bet they are not together anymore! And that bride and the priest in the water what the hell happened?🤣😬

  4. SilentHotdog28

    Maybe that dude was a bit aggressive with the cake, but I wouldn’t mind a cake fight at my wedding, that dude that spear tackled the cake, he would go down as a legend among my family. I think I’d make my wedding about having fun, do some silly stuff and go crazy with it. (of course I’d get all the serious stuff out of the way first, but then go wild.)

  5. Lynette Rall

    Drunk people should not be allowed at weddings – there are more than enough parties to go to to get piss-drunk and make a fool of yourself. A wedding costs a lot of money and is the bride’s special day – they a drunk comes along and spoils everyting…

  6. Aurea Northrop

    At 4:02 , my extreme & utter embarrassment would have probably caused me to just run and hide under a rock for the rest of the day… =0

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