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Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to one more incredible video! WORST MARRIAGE PROPOSAL FAILS!!

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  1. Eloise Danbury

    When I am older I want my boyfriend to propose to me by getting a dolphin to hold a sign saying ‘will you marry me?’

  2. Dru Dilsaver

    My dad proposed to my mom but taking her to her favorite singers concert and the singer sung a song that my dad made fo her and then she sais yes to my dad and they have beem married for 16 yrs

  3. I’d purpose by whoever it is I would want to know what type of ice cream they like or if they like it at all and me be sitting next to the ice cream with the ring and give them it! idk if this is romantic tho… im can not flirt or be romantic in any way… lmao


    I saw an Xmas present where you open a box and it falls out into a pitcher box. On every side was a photo of the couple. When all the boxes were open there was a wedding ring box.

  5. My aunt was getting married…..
    My two aunts where taking a picture and my uncle came in to photo bom. He knocked my aunt that got married and my other aunt leaving grass, mud, wine, and water stains!! SHE STILL GOT MARRIED IN IT!!!!!!

  6. serenity schepers

    my uncle took my aunt on a hot air balloon and told her to look down and inprited in the corn was "will you be my wife, Emma?"

  7. lone wolf louie

    I would propose to a girl on the eifle tower and i would set up fierworks there would be a fancy and romantic date on the eifle tower to and it would be perfect

  8. LaurenDoesGaming

    At the place where Harry Potter was filmed when the light shows happening right then and there I wanna get proposed to

  9. Cadenrocks AJ

    This was my idea and I’m fairly young. Pretend you’re going to visit your mother, and you’re bringing flowers. Ask her to come there with you. Say you have to tie your shoes and ask her to hold the flowers. Then get down on one knee and tie your shoe, but when you’re done you pull the ring out and boom. Proposal complete.

  10. Kavatica Minjarez

    Each kid had a letter and got in order and then u think the husband was reading a pome and she saw the kids that was at my school thank u😋😋

  11. BBrooklynn loves pickles

    My second favorite YouTuber after you they got married Lizzie and Joel and they went to a waterfall and Joel supposed to her

  12. Lillian Cutlip

    I would take a ring box and put the ring in it and then on the top inside I would right will you marry me? Then put it in a amazon box!

  13. Alishia Riobello

    Sombody painted "will you Marry me" on a library windown and didnt put the name if you dont put the name how she or he now its for them or not and everybody can see it because it was public😐i saw it i was lîke "mommmm" and my mom said "yes" and then i said "that guy or girl had painted "will you Marry me on the windown for the library!" And then she goes "wow that person really likes her or him"


    The best proposal l can think of is going to a water fall and then the girl asking what he wished for and said for you to say and then he got down on one knee and proposes

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