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Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam – Adam Ruins Almost everything

…but you will nonetheless end up getting one particular.

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From: CollegeHumor



  1. Cheeseanonioncrisps

    I mean, strictly speaking we only learned that *diamond* engagement rings are a scam. All you need to do is find a different type of rock that *is* valuable (or, alternatively, a type of rock that is pretty but cheap, if you’re not worried about the value) and have it embedded in a ring.

  2. Take Notice

    It’s a symbol of commitment, I see nothing wrong with that. If it is indeed a scam, at least dedicate this video to females who fall for it and leave us men out. In fact, link it to designer handbags and the entire fashion industry as a whole. On to the next video of "why divorce is a good thing," as I watch our entire generation’s IQ drop as Adam spews his leftist driven rhetoric.

  3. I want to propose with a lapis ring. Lapis is such a beautiful stone. Diamonds are ugly, clear hunks of carbon. They’re boring. Lapis was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians because of its rarity. They would risk anything to get the stone, like I would risk anything for our love. It’s a beautiful blue, and though it’s not crystal clear, you can tell what it is just by looking at it.

  4. I am glad if this upset many women who were expecting a ring. Good! Maybe you and your partner can use the $$ on something actually useful

  5. Victoria Rodriguez

    My father picked a few roses from his garden and tied them together with a rubber band. Then, he made dinner and invited my mother over to eat. After that, he gave her the roses and took the rubber band only to place it around her finger as a replacement for an engagement ring. He told me: "You don’t need a fancy engagement ring as long as they say yes. If someone bought an expensive ring only to get rejected, it would be a complete waste."

  6. No Snakeu Allowed bts Sucks!

    When my mom got engaged to her 2nd husband she didn’t get an engagement ring because she thinks it’s a waste of money

  7. The Pizza NATION!!!!!

    I have a question so since disney owns Marvel does that mean they also own Norse mythology since people like thor or other people exists in Marvel? (For episode on "Adam ruins summer vacation")

  8. This time, Adam didn’t ruin it.

    I learned about this sh*t back in highschool.

    This is the first time I got to use that highschool knowledge in my life.

  9. Elliot Watemberg

    Thank you so much Adam for making these. Was just able to give a mini lecture on exactly why diamonds are stupid because of this vid and I feel I sounded quite smart. THANK YOU!

  10. Get her a puppy or a kitten instead! Way better than a boring ring, and having a pet together can be very good for a relationship, like a test run before kids (if you want kids).

  11. Christopher Rhodes

    If you love someone you love them, not what they give you. if a expensive ring is what you call showing love, then you don’t know love.

  12. JD's boyfriend

    i literally have no reason to watch this as im never getting married anyway

    why waste all that money and time, if a relationship works out i get to spend the rest of my life with someone i love (no marriage required for that) if it doesn’t work out we can just break up

    literally the only situation I’d get married is for tax benefits and shit like that

  13. Stella Demaj

    I just had a science lesson where we learnt you can easily make diamonds and it is made out of the same element as graphite but has a different structure. It’s literally made out of 4 carbon elements and the complexity of the diamond depends on how much the 4 carbon elements are repeated or something like that. We also learnt that a woman turned her dead husband into a diamond, well his ashes.

  14. When she says I have Never felt it that deep

    You basically have to pay for a woman, and make babies. So marriage is a Pimp game. Retarded.

  15. Jaye Hawkins

    MGTOW is the only way. It will put the ball in your court in the dating game and not the woman’s. I know this video

  16. Chris Brodie

    No shit Adam, still gotta buy them though don’t we

    Oki wrote that before getting to the end of the video I apologise

    Not taking it down though

  17. Giani Bunawan

    How about if you buy a diamond with buy back policy? You are guaranteed to get some (about 70%) of your money back correct?

  18. GhostShipSupreme

    There is an alternative. There are other cheaper gemstones besides diamond, including some that shine and refract light way better than diamond.

  19. Hayden Nackley

    Adam you are correct that diamonds are intrinsically worthless (this is coming from a jeweler by the way) but you are false on the da beers Diamond cartel. That ended around the 90s and they have no influence in the present day due to issues with the Belgian government where da beers is headquarters, and the fact that half of all diamonds now come from India.

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