What You Ought to By no means EVER Put on to a Wedding/How to be a Very good Wedding Guest

What You Should Never ever EVER Put on to a Wedding/How to be a Good Wedding Guest. What not to put on to a wedding. Items to never ever put on to a wedding. Don’t put on these issues to a wedding. If you want to be a nice model wedding guest you will be certain to steer clear of these products. They will make you look undesirable that day and the bride will not be content with you. Do not ever put on these clothes things to a wedding or you may end up getting kicked out, just saying.

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  1. Uriel Walker

    I’m glad you made a video like this since now and days people are so revealing. My biggest thing was no kids but people still bring them smh.

  2. Finally a good guest wedding dress advice clip¡ I liked especially that she mentioned to not wear white. There are other clips in which they advices to wear white, just not acceptable. However she could have mentioned to not wear black to a wedding.

  3. MrsSweetheart102

    What if the bride’s dress is colored, should she let everyone know in the invitations or something to avoid someone matching her then?

  4. Hatsumomo Kuroi

    Thank you so much for being informative(you’re like literally the only one on youtube who actually answered my questions). Unfortunately I’ve been on a lot of funerals,and this will be my first wedding,so yeah…☺

  5. Shinrin Yoku

    Hey, I need a piece of advice, please! I am thinking either black female tuxedo with sandals like in the picture …. Maybe with a bowtie or Angelina style?


    Or a flapper dress (it is not a themed wedding):


    I was thinking either nude eyeshadows and lipstick, or if i go with the tuxedo, maybe bolder lipstick? By bolder I mean

    Advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Karai F Ellis

    I totally agree! I put semi formal on the invitation (as well as no kids) and of course it was a hand full of people that showed up and didn’t follow directions at all .

  7. Salemagnet28

    You’ve obviously never been to an Arkansas wedding…LOL! 😂😂

    I moved to Arkansas from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and WOW, are things different, here. I’ve seen just about everything but another wedding dress, so far. Tennis shoes, shorts, yoga pants….. It’s shocking.

    Equally as shocking are the way some couples handle their own weddings. If you’re among the last guests to leave, you might be roped into cleaning up. Or you may see brides opening their wedding gifts after the wedding ceremony. Or be expected to bring a dish/food/beverages. I’ve been asked to bus tables after the bride and groom had already left, while wearing high heels and a nice dress. They treat weddings the same way as funerals, here. 😨😨

    I know your channel is mostly about fashion, but having recently been married, it would be cool to see a "what not to do at your own wedding", too! Apparently, some brides don’t know that it’s NOT OKAY to expect your guests to bus tables, or cater your reception. 😄

  8. Carrie Vetter

    These are the same "rules" that my mom taught me years ago. These are just basic rules to be respectful to the bride and groom.

  9. Noreen Jordan

    wait hold up! What about flip flops on the dance floor? I for sure cannot dance in heels and I love bringing a pair of flip flops to dance

  10. Brides always stand out stupid! Brides who do look around for people who look better than them are ugly already! I’ll always be classy! And shit still look better than a bride!

  11. Nichole Baxter

    you can also wear white if its in the invitation. There are way to many rules i don’t cant if you wear jeans with a nice suit jacket I think it looks nice. Button-ups with short sleeves are perfectly fine for outdoor WEDDINGS it is to hot for all that extra stuff. People be passing out at Weddings literally trying to be extra. Im not saying look like you straight off the streets . Some rules are to much. Enjoy the wedding and bring a gift. Dont come to someones wedding without a gift that whats rude.

  12. Hi!! I totally agree with you!!! my mom taught me to never wear white to some one’s wedding unless you are the bride!!! I agree. I think it’s very disrespectful to go to a wedding looking like your going to a club!! I agree with you!!! you touched on so many good points!! xoxo Pam ❤❤❤

  13. I agree!! I went to a wedding once where two girls walked into the chapel late ( just before the bride made her entrance). They both were dressed for a Saturday night in Vegas! Ready for the club at 3:00 in the afternoon. They attracted attention and not in a good way.

  14. Tannia B-Tine

    my family and i always get the side eye for dressing up for weddings (Jamaicans) we never outdo the bridal party but weddings are always formal.

  15. The wedding I am attend colors is lavender gold and black. So I want to wear a black dress and maybe a floral heels that has lavender or purple in it. For makeup I want to be natural and cute. The black I want to be classy but still cute. I am petite and I would like a nice fitting dress but not club fitting lol. Are there any good places to get cute black dresses?

  16. Actually it doesn’t matter what you wear to a wedding! The bride shouldn’t care! And people will judge you no matter what you have on! Life is too short to be worrying about if you look better than the bride….hell please come beautifully dressed to my wedding. Don’t want draped people in my wedding book! Dress to impress! Girl you got it all wrong!

  17. Lavander Time :3

    The bride told me and my family to wear alot of colors. As a emo to the extemo teen i dont feel confident in bright colors. And im a girl but im going in a suit and make up . Please help me I dont know what to do xD

  18. Thoughts On

    I was wondering, did any of the guests on your wedding break those rules??? Did one of your wedding guests inspired this video???

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