WEDDING Strategy WITH ME! BUDGETS, VENDORS, Arranging, AND Enjoyable Particulars! #three

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Budgeting: 1:38-8:40
Fun Items: 8:50- 18:00
Bad vendors: 18:00- 19:30

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  1. Karimbe Jimenez

    i really want to know the venue please i am so intrigued with your menu and the location i live in the boulder area in colorado. thank you id appreciate a response and i love all ur tips and the time u took to make these videos for us thank you kendall

  2. Sara Connolly

    Why can’t we see the first or second video in the series? It’s saying that the videos are removed by the user. Why did you remove them? I love this one!

  3. We had planned on spending 3,000 and realized that was not feasible with almost 100 guests and indoors as we got married in July in Florida we ended up spending over 10,000 and that’s because the photographer was free (a gift) and I wouldn’t change that day one bit.

  4. yukonladi1603

    😱 average $30,000?!?! I spent $5,000 and that was a lot for me! The most expensive thing at the wedding was the food and the venue. And probably the dress. Didn’t care about decor. It was an outside wedding. Ladies! Save your money for the honeymoon!! So much more worth it!

  5. wackycrafts08

    I love this! I’m getting married May 20th this year and I’m doing all the planning as well. Very stressful but exciting! 👰

  6. ErinTheSoprano

    I could be completely wrong, but doesn’t your credit score/fica score go down every time you check your credit score?

  7. Hey Kendall, I really really recommend an app called ‘WedPics’. It’s an app where your guests can take photos at your wedding and then upload them so that you can see them and only your guests. I highly recommend it for you, especially. My friend is using it for her wedding so that she can see her guests point of view. It’s also a funny way to remember your wedding. Don’t worry it is private so that only your guests can see it and yourself. Consider it and check it out, you won’t regret it. 🙂

  8. Beauty By Ashley

    I seriously love this series, I’m no where near getting married but god damn as soon as I get engaged I’m going to be so organised thanks to you 😀 😛

  9. Caitlin mc donald

    American weddings finish wayyyy earlier than in Ireland, I was at a wedding two weeks ago and most people didn’t go home until 3am and then the people staying overnight in the hotel were up until 6am!! It’s crazy but mad craic! 😄

  10. Chelsye Mansfield

    Got so exited when I saw this posted!!! Have been loving this series 🙂 I can’t believe your wedding is only 2 months away! I remember when you posted the proposal video!

    I totally agree about the stress aspect of it. I haven’t been too stressed. I can’t wait to see mine come together! 6 months! Thanks so much for all the cute ideas. I love the Love is Sweet sign. I want something similar for our candy buffet table 🙂

  11. Kristina Marquez

    Congrats girl! I got married June 8 of 2006,but we split in 2014.It’s all good,we have a son together.That we love dearly.I have 3 kids.My other r older.My oldest is almost 25.

  12. Kat Drinkard

    Everything sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see pics of your wedding! Also, shout out to you for having some vegetarian options on your menu! I’ve had some of my vegetarian friends sit hungry at weddings because there were only meat entrées.

  13. Wendy Godlewski

    Love your wedding series Kendall! I’m also planning my wedding for this September. Congrats and looking forward to your big day. Can’t wait to see the pics!

  14. Chelsea Smith

    I love the idea of taking photos before so much! The last two weddings I’ve been too I feel like the brides were so worried about photos that they weren’t even enjoying the day! I love this series!

  15. Patron Saint of Fashion

    I plan on having a pretty modest wedding and spending that money on the honey moon or anything else a car, towards a house down payment etc. I love beautiful weddings but it’s just not a priority for me.

  16. Shelby Hanna

    I’m glad my parents can pull credit sense they are in the real estate business and they deal with all that stuff. So I can always check my credit score I did also learn that every time you have someone pull your credit they do take ten points off so just a little heads up to anyone who have credit scores etc. I’ve been enjoying your wedding series even though I got married in October of last year.

  17. Weird, of all of the weddings I have been to (dad is 1 of 13, grandparents each have at least 10 siblings soooo tons of weddings) only one had pictures after the ceremony. It just makes so much more sense to have them before. Any time after the ceremony and before the reception is usually spent at the bar or drinking somewhere.

  18. Nikki Oliver

    The best thing we did was did our photos before the wedding day and we had some portraits at the reception…people loved that! All we had to do was the pics with the wedding party before the ceremony so no one had to wait on us!

  19. Sara woopwoop

    23 and getting married? dammm girl im glad you are settling down ☺ im 28 and too selfish to settle i love being single am i the only one whos like that?

  20. dragonflyfragment

    I am SO excited to watch this installation in the series because.. I just got engaged on Sunday as well!!! So excited to now watch this from a different perspective! 😉

  21. Billie Lovell

    What do you do with wedding programs? Pass them out before the ceremony? Put them at guests seats in the reception? Place them on seats at the ceremony?

  22. Candywharehouse deff for the candy be careful though because you will spend some though we did some DIY on the candy bar and ended up soending over $500 on it lol

  23. Melissa Caitlin

    I love all of your videos! I am kind of new to your channel but I was wondering how Josh proposed? Was it super romantic? Do you have a video where you already talk about that?

  24. Miranda Green

    Random but is Josh helping alot with the picking? Like do yall decide stuff together or does he mostly let you decide and just goes along with it! Just curious(:

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