Wedding Proposals Assured To Make You Cry

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When really like is the air, it can be easy to get a case of sudden onset eye roll when you see a distant relative or acquaintance gushing about their engagements on-line. But even the most cynical amongst us may possibly have difficulty hating on these epic proposals. Watching the spend-off moment of a well-believed-out engagement session is fairly emotional at instances, and with these lovebirds, the feels have been even a lot more intense than most. Right here are some viral proposal videos that are just bound to make you blubber like a child….

The holiday shot | :24
Finding Neverland | 1:13
Flash mob fiance | two:05
A Pictionary proposal | 2:49
A mannequin proposal | 3:51
A year-lengthy proposal | 4:28

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  1. That last one was MY FAVE! So well thought out. But it shows a lot more than that. He literally loved her so much enough to do this, not only that, he was 100% sure. There may hve been days where the argued during that year, but he nonetheless held up the sign. That really touches my hearttttt

  2. abla kugblenu

    my husband asked me in a car no not his car a loaner with bad tyres from his friend. 😂😂😂 and on the highway he casually asked how soon do you want to get married my answer was" who told you I want get married" apparently that was a YES. a week later he was giving dates and church counselling times. 2 kids 13 yrs later and still going. ( still want to kill him sometimes 😂😂😂)

  3. airplane800

    I was thinking about some people I know that had amazing marriage proposals, beautiful romantic weddings, etc…  Today they are divorced and want to kill each other. You probably know couples like that. Relationships are a mystery. How can so much love become so much hate in a couple of years.

  4. Eni Divante

    0:28 I know this is irrelevant but I’m a dancer so I NEED to point out that they should not be on pointe they r not doing it properly and u can see the pain on their faces so clearly! And their not even doing it properly k srry but these were cute

  5. Breanna Nouveaux

    Lmao. they used the black woman and white man couple to lure everyone here. People keep saying black women are "unattractive/undesirable/ can’t sell"
    and yet put us on the screen and "press play"
    Especially when we swirl. lolol

  6. Amanda Weingartner

    Ugh I can’t even deal. I am such a sap when it comes to this stuff. I guess it’s because deep down I dream of it happening to me too. 😌

  7. I’m gonna report this video for fraud…I encourage others to do the same. Where’s the couple in the picture? Don’t trick met to watch a video because I’ll give a thumbs down and report you.

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