Wedding Proposal that will Leave You Breathless

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From: Tyson J Henderson



  1. Jennelle Brownley

    Mormons believe that dark skin is the curse of Able and until recent "revelations" would not allow black people to join the church.

  2. Italia 458driver

    Uhhh, I actually thought this was corny and very little thought involved. At least he had high quality video. That’s all it had.

  3. Kevin Geraldez

    1-10 I give this editing, story, the final proposal.. a (1.1) =/ But as long as the bride gives it a 10 thats all that matters.

  4. Jennelle Brownley

    The Mormon church is a total lie. Don’t believe me. Read God Makers written by ex BYU church history professor. Truth from within

  5. Jennelle Brownley

    Mormons believe a the Man can get revelation from God but not women. Women get their inspiration from their husband/father.

  6. Lillian Garnett

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  7. I always think…this is not the proposal. People who have dated forever, and talk of marriage for a long time, have basically already proposed. They are already knowing, planning to be married. So the "proposal" is really not a proposal as much as it is just finally receiving a ring.

  8. Michelle Tsinnie

    This was beautiful and I remember thinking I’m hoping my fiancé proposed to me like this. He didn’t. Except he proposed to me at his college grad Reception with his family and mine there. It was on December 16, 2017. When he was sharing his speech about us and out of nowhere he pulled the ring out, I couldn’t help but cried. It was supposed to be his day, but instead it was about us both. I’ll never forget that. We’re getting married this coming July 29, 2017. His words about us made it very special more than how he would proposed. Can’t wait to call him my husband! 😍


    I’m actually happy for them … wondering when it’s gonna be my time … but i guess, beforehand , i should look for the one what i’m not actually doing … great video 🙂 , good luck

  10. A very touching proposal. Full of emotion and realistic one. I like the effort of the guy, he did this all for the girl he truly loves.

  11. Common Video. Leave me breathless… ok going to unpause now

    Edit..I like how he did a few false alarm date nights to throw her off guard. This was a good proposal. I don’t know how I feel about which is more appropriate, a huge surprise with lots of family and friends or something like this that’s just 1 on 1 in a particular meaningful place.

    In any event these two definitely seem like the sort that will have a good 50 year run of it.

  12. Jennelle Brownley

    The FLDS and LDS are the same re: polygamy. Only difference is FLDS are out of the closet with regard to polygamy. All LDS believe that they must have multiple wives. LDS will just wait until the afterlife.

  13. Jennelle Brownley

    Mormon believe that they will be come gods of their own universe if they are good. They will be given multiple wives to populate their planets with. Kid you not

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