WEDDING Arranging Tips AND WHAT I Discovered – Ideas FOR BRIDES

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  1. Jewel Marie

    I love this series! I am helping one of my best friends plan a wedding, as I am her Maid of Honor. They want to DIY so much and want to keep it low-budget! This is amazing in assisting with tips!

  2. My wedding is going to be kid free because it’s not in the budget, I’m giving them ample notice and my parent friends are stoked for a night out haha. I don’t think weddings are for children, I hated them as kid.

  3. Sara Turcott

    Your wedding series has been so helpful! I got engaged back in June and watching your videos has helped a lot in the beginning stages of planning. It actually inspired me to film my own wedding videos for a series to help others out. I love your honestly and how blunt you are about the process. Again, thanks for making these videos so helpful and great to watch 🙂

  4. Winksforgoodluck

    I just stumbled upon your channel…last night at like 2am. I am recently engaged and have become overwhelmed with how different it is going on Pinterest pre-engagement and looking at inspiration compared to actually planning/organizing/purchasing details for a wedding… Long story short, thank you for providing so many different links and examples. You have no idea how happy I am that I found your channel!
    Hope your first (almost) year of marriage has been amazing.

  5. Lunathiquegirlz33

    Can you do a video about school organization for college because most of the videos on youtube are 90% about girls having 43 highlighters and 10% about eating fruits. You are so organize and I think you can have very helpful tips 🙂 ☺️☺️☺️

  6. Marina-Jane Loves Hello Kitty

    You got "vamp" look goin on… you look beautiful kendall…. dear god girl don’t you ever have a bad hair day….smh…

  7. AudreyOfTheRoses

    Still can’t quite seem to get over how absolutely beautiful you were on in your wedding dress, and any time in general. You deserve thousands of years of love and happiness with Josh. GOD, SLAY ME GURL!!!

  8. Pamela Leyva

    you thinks it’s a good idea instead of repeating what the priest would say like with this ring or what ever… would it be cool to repeat the bowls from tim burtons movie the brides corpse?? I need help planning mine like every one says do traditional white.. but me and my partner are in to the scene emo culture and I was thinking like doing a nightmare before christmas themed wedding or brides corpse wedding.. what do you guys think?? or should I keep it traditional

  9. Gabrielle Anderson

    My parents are divorced and I’m getting married in 4 months, but thank God my stepdad is amazing and my biological dad is a deadbeat who I no longer talk to. This sounds bad but it’s actually great!

  10. Vivian Barton

    Was it awful in June? My ceremony is outside this year in July. It’s going to be an evening wedding to make it more bearable though. And my reception is inside!

  11. Jordan the Shitlord

    these tips will be v helpful when I find someone and get married someday also that lipstick makes you look absolutely stunning (your hair looked especially pretty in this video too btw)

  12. Those little girls where absolutely cute! what a special moment. The lady behind them wearing the purple dress, didn’t look happy 😑.

  13. Trinitea Napper

    The first time i watched this i heard they got married in 2015 which doesn’t make sense cause I watched your wedding videos and all i could think was umm that was not two months ago……😂 oh my

  14. My mom has a half sister who is only 3 years older than me (my grandpa remarried a younger woman) and at her wedding reception my grandpa gave a speech, and he is really not good at talking like one on one let alone giving a speech and it was just so awkawrd. He mentioned my mom and her brother (from his first marriage) and kept talking about my grandma (his first wife) and how they dealt with their relationship with him being in the army because my aunt’s husband is in the army and it was really weird to mention I think especially because he never even once mentioned his wife now who is her mother like ??? oh and he forgot my uncles name. hes like "my other two kids over there lisa and…. whats his name" omg i was at the table with my mom and uncle and they were just like covering their faces they were so embarrassed i felt so bad. and then two other people that did toasts were pretty drunk and it was just real weird lol.

  15. Kendall you always look beautiful. However, in this video you looked absolutely stunning. Beautiful lipstick, you look healthier, happier and fresher. Marriage really suits you. You seem so much more comfortable with yourself and it shines through you.

  16. Jenée Marie

    Kendall you and Josh looked like you cameout of a wedding magazine, everything was perfect! I plan on doing my wedding similar to this probably smaller and these tips really helped. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment. And did I hear your moving to Florida o.O?!? Girl big mistake unless your living in Naples or Tallahassee. Im a jersey girl, came from a horse town and have been living in south Florida for 5 years. What a shock! And not because of the mix of cultures (that’s why I came down here), but how rude the majority of people are. I do live in Boca Raton so I get the worst of them, but it’s pretty much everywhere in the southern region of Florida. The only good thing that’s come out of moving down here is meeting my soon-to-be husband. Personally, i think there are way better states to live in with nicer people. My Mom always told me if your moving: to rent for a good few years to see if you would really settle down in a place, and then buy a house. They say north and south Florida should be a separate state because of how different they are and it’s true. If your moving anywhere in Florida, stay in the northern regions, like Tallahassee. It’s close to the Georgia line and it’s a perfect spot to go on quick get-aways via car to the smokey mountains 😍 👌🏽. My cousins live in Tallahassee and people are so nice. Even kids wave to you when your driving in their neighborhood. Also, they have more than palm trees (you will get really sick of the palm trees after 3 years). If you like nature and plush trees…North Florida.

  17. Marli Malish

    Binge watching your recent videos, you’re gorgeous Kendall!!! Your makeup and hair are always gorgeous and I LOVE this lip colour on you

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