Wedding Organizing Ideas That Nobody Offers U! 👰🏻👦🏻

With the wedding season about the corner we thought we’d do a video about organizing your wedding. So nowadays we’re gonna give you some organizing suggestions that nobody will! )

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  1. Tabassum Khan

    Vtss ,it’s a good video😃 even u reminded me even last year we were dng same things planning n everything ,it’s makes me smile 😄😘

  2. Hey guys … Please suggest me gifting ideas or options….my 5th anniversay is coming soon and want to surprise my husband….
    Plz plz plz

  3. Brewing Happiness

    Nice tips but did u guys have court marriage?? Please make a complete vdo on that because I love Ur style seems to be simple and beautiful 😊

  4. Idk why i am watching this.. Like i am just 15 😂😂.. But anything for sherry and vaibhav 😭❤💕💞

  5. Abheesha Ganguly

    Very useful guys! I’m getting married this December and was wondering what all I was missing out on. I tried to get my parents and fiance to agree to the ‘no stage’ idea but sadly couldn’t convince them. I think I should also take this opportunity to tell you I absolutely adored the cute personalised candy at your wedding! Cheers!

  6. The Blah Project

    Awesomee video!!I’m nowhere close to marriage but watching the video because you’ll are ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Prakash.negi

    Im just 19 but thank you soo much guys , love you both, i literally label your wedding as GOALS, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 🙂

  8. Jyoti Sharma

    @Sherry and @Vaibhav what about the formalities of the court marriage…I remember watching u guys sign the document..How is all that arranged ?

  9. There should be stage when u r muslim so u r not going to dance n there won’t be any dance floor so stage will make u feel special… otherwise u’d be sitting with guests on those round tables:D

  10. Shitanshu Chokshi

    Amazing tips…..Seriously I am with you on each points and line you said and agreeing to all points. Small wedding is a best option. Thank you soo much for this Amazing video

  11. Very informative video… Especially the one that Sherry pointed out about bridal packages and all.
    Infact it’s funny. I would like to share an instance that happened with me when I visited a dermatologist for my acne problem. She didn’t treated my acne completely and said ki Abhi shaadi thodi hai aapki jo aap itna soch rahe ho and I was like 🙄

  12. Loveeeeeeeee this sherry and vaibhav!! :)❤🤗😊
    Vaibahv u talk just like my little brother (19 year old) hahah incase u think little is 5 or 6 year old
    Loved the ending😊😁👍
    When u said have a small wedding and send sweets 😂😂

  13. Prerna Kumari

    Thankyou so much guys!!!
    Really required this video at this point of time as I am getting married…now I have few clear idea in my mind.

  14. Trishala Hansdah

    I’m not the sort of a girl who dreams of her wedding & how I’d like to do it but I always had this idea of having a small but personal wedding and you guys have been goals ❤️ your wedding was dream wedding and so incredibly personal which was beautiful. It’s true that in India we usually focus on religion and having a big fat wedding (and that’s okay) that we forget bout the couple and I loved how you made it bout you which is how it should happen because it’s your day! Thank you. Wish you love and happiness ❤️

  15. Priyanka Sachdev

    Hey Vaibhav! Was watching mausam today and gusee whom did I spot!! 😍😍 I just so wished sonam and you end up together in the movie! You look damm cute in the Movie 💗 please do reply!

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