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Age: 23
Ty’s Age: 23
Graduated with a bachelors in overall health in December 2014
Graduated with a bachelors in nursing in August 2017
No I did not get a CNA ahead of my BSN
Ty plays pro baseball in the colorado rockies organization
Mila is a pitbull
Film with a Canon Rebel EOS T3i and Canon Powershot
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Kathryn Ann
P.O. Box 2723
Bryan, TX 77805

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  1. Ashley Caddy

    I found Erica Lee through your channel and since then I’ve found so many more people in the cleaning/mom life/wife life YouTube community. I know you’re set on quitting YouTube, BUT what if you just changed the style and content of your channel? It would make sense because you’re a nurse now, about to be a wife, and *OMG* eventually a mom. I think if you steered away from the makeup/beauty scene that would get rid of a lot of trolls and haters. Of course you can’t avoid negativity totally but I hardly see hate on those other channels. I’d love to see cleaning routines, power hours, shopping vlogs, decorating vlogs, dog routines (because Mila is just the cutest!) grocery hauls, fall essentials, favorites videos, things like that. Idk, just a thought I had while I’m watching Page Danielle’s channel right now…

  2. Merissa Hanzlik

    You’re such a beautiful soul Kathryn! Sad to see you’re leaving YouTube, I love all your videos.. best of luck to you at Ty!

  3. caffeineandsass

    I feel like I completely missed this announcement of Kathryn leaving YouTube? Can someone point me in the right direction? I’d love to read or watch.

  4. D'ya Francois

    I totally understand how you feel about not wanting your special day being picked apart and criticized. You do what’s best for you. I hope that you have an awesome wedding day!💜🎉🎊

  5. Veronica Avilez

    I’m so sad that you’ll be leaving YouTube! I seriously get happy when I see you post videos! But if it’s what makes you happy that’s all that matters !

  6. I’m so sad you’re leaving but I completely understand.. you have been on YouTube for so long you probably are ready for a "normal" life. However I’m so sad I won’t see your pregnancy journy(ies) you are going to make such a great wife and mama. I have always related so much to you. I’m a health science student graduating next winter and I’m such a futuristic person like you. I just got married in July and my husband and I have been together for almost 7 years and can’t wait to start having babies after I graduate school. You have always been such an inspiration to me Kathryn ❤️ I’ve watched you since you were baby pink puff ☺️

  7. Brianna Garcia

    I’ve watched you for a really really long time and you’re definitely someone that I’ve looked up to, but the fact that you let the negativity over power the positive people is really sad. It’s like letting them win. It may just be me who thinks that but I’m not meaning it in a rude way at all. I understand about your wedding video what I don’t understand is deleting your YouTube.

  8. Little Lady Jane

    I respect your decision but this honestly breaks my heart 💔I’ve been a long time subscriber and to see you grow as a person and getting married has been such a fun ride. I’m even willing to pay to watch it 😂 lbvs. Will you have a public registry available? Wish you and Ty the best! ❤️

  9. I have been watching your videos and following you since the beginning…I am going to be really sad to see you leave the YouTube community but as someone who was bullied online as a teenager I completely understand where you come from in your decision! People unfortunately can be so cruel 😞 it has been such a pleasure & so much fun to watch you grow into the beautiful young woman you are today! Keep being you & i wish you the very very best in everything you choose to do! ❤️ LOVE YA!!!


    I know that you already made your decision to leave youtube but I just have to say that you are one of my favorite youtuber’s. I truly hate to see you leave and your videos have helped through the roughest times in nursing school. Thank you for sharing your expierences throughout your nursing school career

  11. Lorraine Morris

    I would love to see your wedding video. Switch off comments on it and leave it up for maybe 48hrs because us real fans will watch it immediately.
    Love ya and good luck with the rest of your wedding planning.

  12. Jasmin Romero

    I’m so sad that you’re leaving YouTube. It’s so nice to see a Christian on here. You make me want to be a better person. I support your decision in the end and will continue to pray for you and your life and hope you can find peace. 😊

  13. Annie Scott

    You’re my favourite youtuber! I will miss your videos so much when you leave YouTube! 😭 you are so beautiful, inside and out! ❤️❤️❤️ xx

  14. IceberryPink

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving but can’t fault you for doing what is best for you and your life. One thing I would love to see on your channel is a nail polish favorites video. We have a similar skin tone so I am sure I would love some of the same colors.

  15. Dallas Ackerman

    i seriously can’t deal. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER. you’re the only one that i have subscribed to that i have seen every single video all the way through since your very first video. you are such an inspiration to me and you are very encouraging. i do understand it is your choice but i just have to let you know how special you are and what your channel means to me. i will miss you

  16. Kathryn, could you do a everyday makeup tutorial? Been watching your videos for years and you makeup is always perfect! <3

  17. Donna Pursifull

    I love all your videos no matter what the content lol! i’ve been wanting to ask how you studied for your med surg classes. and of course…CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR RN!!!! 🎉🎉

  18. glitta killa

    Before you leave can you please please do a "how I got fit for my wedding" or something around that? I noticed you got super in shape (not that you looked bad before) lately and have been wondering if you changed your diet, worked out more, did fitness blender? I would love that

  19. Chelsea Bowers

    I honestly thought you would never leave 😭. I have silently watched all of your videos and I knew the time would come but I enjoyed your videos. Thank you for letting all of your followers into your life and being such an inspiration to so many people. You definitely will be missed by many people. 🤗

  20. Kind of disappointed that you will not be posting the wedding video, but at the end of the day it’s your wedding, you decide. You do you. If that is how you feel then we need to respect it. By the way I love you, you are amazing and I love your videos.

  21. a few months ago, you made a video and i pointed out your nails were painted red in that video, because I’m a observant person i would like to point out, they’re painted pink in this video too! if y’all are new, Kathryn & painted nails aren’t a thing. hahah! Love the color though.

  22. Jessie Formicola

    I wish I had a video of my wedding, I as many others don’t remember half of the actual wedding and I hate that I didn’t get a video to remember and it was only a year ago 😑. I would love to see a video of the wedding, I love weddings ❤️

  23. Robyn Stidd

    So proud of you! I’ve been watching for a long time and it’s great to see how yo’ve grown and i hope the best for you also. Thank you for constantly being a light in this world!

  24. Amber Nelson99

    Such a bummer no more YouTube from you! I’ve loved all your tips and tricks and just life with you! I wish you well with this new chapter! You’re so blessed and God is Good!

  25. hannahgmuse

    In regards to the wedding coordinator, if anyone can’t find room in the budget for a coordinator, appoint a friend or two to boss everyone around the day of! Lol

  26. lndsyvghnbubert

    One thing I would definitely suggest for your photographer is to plan some "orchestrated" pictures. We had a crap photographer for our wedding and to this day – 12 years later – I regret not having more family pictures taken. It’s not something you can ever redo. On the day, you want someone who can herd everyone together on your behalf, and also recall who was in what picture already, etc etc.

  27. denimchiq87

    I know you have to do what is best for your life, and of course I support that, but I so dread you leaving youtube. There is no one else whos videos I look forward to. I’m going to miss you so much. It’s like a friend telling me she’s moving away and we won’t be friends anymore =( I really hope you will be happy after you quit youtube. I know you look forward to married life and living your life without being critiqued relentlessly though. I support you no matter what.

  28. Shelby Leigh

    Do we get one more Vlogmas? You won’t be in school this year so I was really looking forward to your Vlogmas 🎄🎁

  29. Selena Garza

    We are all going to miss you Kathryn! Like many of us here we have all been watching you for YEARS and it hurts us to see you so hurt and see the haters win this battle to make you not happy with doing youtube anymore. We can tell you’re attitude has changed because you seem so much more reserved with what you share and stuff. To me it does not matter what you post because I see you as a friend and just to hear you talk and see your videos makes my day a little brighter. I am not a nursing student but I watched all your nursing videos because I genuinely enjoy watching you. We are all gonna miss you, me especially. You have inspired me in so many ways to better my life and stick to goals when it came to my education and now I am finally graduating from college at Texas A&M-san antonio. We just want you to know how much of an impact you had on our lives and we hate that you are leaving but you will ALWAYS have our respect with your decision, whatever it may be. I will stop crying now, LOVE YOU KATHRYN!!

  30. StormyHollan

    Great video , wish I had this video when I had got married … Have you thought about getting " disposable" camera’s? Place them on the tables or at your ceremony have your guest take photo’s ! Then when you get home from the honeymoon have the film developed .. You might be pleasantly surprised that your " hired" photographer might have missed .. Th candid moments the funny things the special moments

  31. Alicia Hester

    Hi Kathryn I just wanted to say hi and I am so very sad that you are leaving especially since you are getting married. I really hope its not because of something someone or a group people has said to you. Because its so disheartening to see so many people leaving youtube because of what someone or a group of people are saying. I just want to say I am coming from a kind place in this message. Because I think if you are leaving because of "trolls" you be damned if you do and damn if you don’t. What I mean by that yeah your true supporters will be supportive. But the "haters" will probably have something to say about you leaving youtube. I am not claiming to know you situation in any shape or form. I just hope that you don’t let individuals take away precious additional memories from you wedding and marriage that could from YouTube. Just remember to " Do not worry about other people’s opinions about you. God never told you to impress people; only to love them". God bless Kathryn!

  32. Deanna Houser

    I was really looking looking forward to seeing your wedding video. Im an absolute baby when it comes to unconditional love. I’m so sad now, but i also can understand why.
    I’m so happy for you and Ty. And i wish you nothing but the absolute best.
    I do remember you saying your leaving YouTube, i was hoping it was a phase. I’m sad to still hear that your leaving, but so happy for you at the same time if that makes sense. Love ya girl.

  33. Jessica McManus

    I completely agree photography is the most important. After my wedding, I could barely remember anything! It all passes SO QUICKLY. Once I got my photos, it all came back. The posed photos we did were my least favorite, but some of them are the only photos I got with some of my party and family. The photos she took during the first look, the ceremony, the and reception were my favorite because they were the most natural and happy.

  34. Janelle Strong

    I subscribed a long time ago, and watched all of your videos. Your truly a inspiration to me, going to college and getting your RN. I am super excited for your wedding you and ty are the cutest couple. I’m going to miss you if you do go, and your wedding day should be remembered as the happiest day of your life! People are so rude now a days and know how to ruin it for other people. But I wish you and ty the best!

  35. Sarabellaful

    I got married two weeks ago and my main tip is to take a minute look around, take it all in and enjoy every moment because the day goes so fast!

  36. Kelanie Mateo

    I came across your videos a few years back when you first moved in your house now with your ex sorry to mention and I fell In love especially because I am also from Texas! I’m pretty sad that you’re leaving but I’m not surprised because you barely post anymore including on instagram. Sometimes I go through your old videos and rewatch them because I miss you when you go MIA. Whatever your reasons are, I respect but I am a little bummed and disappointed because you have so much potential on YouTube. But much luck and love to you with everything! 💗💗💗

  37. Brittany Cordero

    I agree! I am also super disappointed but hey its not our decision. Im kind of upset that Ive religiously watched all of your videos and then just get left in the dust lol. We would all love to see your wedding video Kathryn but we get it. Just know that 90% of beautiful girls get hate comments. Why? because people are jealous unfortunately. You shouldn’t be so sensitive.. that’s life! Cant run from life.

  38. Janie Smith

    You leaving YouTube makes me literally soooo so sad. You’re my absolute favorite. I’ve watched you since I was a freshman in high school, trying to learn how to style my short hair. 😂 I wish you the very best with your life, you’re such a strong willed, determined, and beautiful women. I love your videos because you are such a "real" and relatable person. Your success with nursing school is extremely inspiring to me as a Rad Tech student struggling with Anatomy and Physiology. Don’t ever change and remember to always be yourself and god comes first. Love you so much!!

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