Wedding Arranging: DIY, Save the Dates, Groom’s Tux, Picking the Venue

A new wedding organizing video with my DIY WEDDING! Every thing such as our save the dates, groom’s tux, selecting the venue, budgeting, vlog! Wedding organizing has been entertaining!
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From: Arlyne Sanjines



  1. Perla Aguilar

    Please stick to making wedding type videos please. Your style is so divine! A "wedding series" would be perfect! Wishing you nothing but the best. Xoxo

  2. lol weston. does anyone know in which video he is fighting/yelling in spanish with another driver lol he’s so funny in it

  3. Daniella Martinez

    Names to pick for wedding videos as in the intro:
    Ar Wedding diaries(our wedding diaries instead)
    Arlyne’s Wedding Diaries
    Arlyne and Weston
    Arlyne’s Mystical vlogs

  4. Your big day is tomorrow !!!congrats wish you both the best love your wedding ideas. And yes Temecula is beautiful I live near by and that’s the perfect place for an outdoor wedding the scenery is so pretty.

  5. you were saying "I" a lot and "what I want," is weston not involved in the planning at all? and also, your wedding is 4 days before my bday!! :))

  6. Teresa Calderon

    AHH! so excited for you!! You will be a beautiful bride!! I really hope to see tons of pictures on instagram!! You two are so cute together!!

  7. Ryana Narayan

    Your so perfect😱 Been subscribed for awhile and I just love your videos💕 You seriously deserve so many more subscribers👍🏽 Will always support you Arlyne and Good Luck for the wedding👰🏻 Great Couple😋

  8. Maegan Stewart

    Oh my goodness so exciting! I used to live in Temecula but moved after my husband and I got married. SO many beautiful wineries out there. I’m sure your wedding will be amazing. Congratulations (:

  9. Samantha Merrett

    Just found your channel ! Defs gonna be tuning in for you wedding videos as I am kinda starting to wedding plan. I love you already and your fiance is so funny <3

  10. i am soo excited for you two to get married!! you guys are seriously just the cutest and i can imagine how beautiful your wedding day will be…and Temecula is so close to me!! i have watched your videos for years now and seeing you and Weston grow is just the sweetest thing. Love you <3 xoxo

  11. my wedding is in august and I cant decide what hairstyle I want and I cant pick a veil and a tiara can u make a video about bridal hairstyles and makeup

  12. Your wedding is going to be amazing! I actually live in Temecula and think you made a great choice having your wedding here for that type of theme. Hope you have so much fun and please Vlog! 😉

  13. A friend of mine is getting married in summer 2016. A very good tip to a small wedding to get good deals is getting married in the week and not on a weekend. It’s not common in my country.

  14. Ana Ponce de Leon

    U look so exited & happy that remind me when I got married to the love of my life! Is so much fun I wish I could do it again! Congrats and please show you a vide of your wedding when it happens I’ll be waiting for it! 😉👰👰💍💎💌💌💗

  15. alyssa brueggen

    Omg I love your wedding plans! I hope that one day my wedding will be as amazing as yours! Btw I love you and your one of my favorite youtubers!!!!

  16. TheStyleMarket

    I love all your videos! Especially these wedding ones, they’re so helpful! Thanks for sharing! I’m having such a hard time finding a venue that I love and allows me to pick my own catering company! It’s so hard to find a place like that! Would it be too personal to ask what your venue is called so I can look them up ? Or maybe you can do a more in depth video on finding a venue ? Any websites you recommend for venue searching?

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