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I’m sharing wedding hacks with you in this video. These are wedding organizing ideas and tricks for brides-to-be and these recently engaged. These wedding hacks will assist with all various elements of your wedding arranging. I hope it aids you out!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.

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  1. Amy Di Bella

    This is a great help. I’m engaged and currently stressed to the max with figuring out everything to do. I really appreciate this video.

  2. Carolyn Cahill

    Giving up dairy can cause dramatic weight loss ( I lost 9 pounds in 13 days when I had to give it up due to health problems ) so if you are trying to maintain your figure for your dress, maybe don’t give up dairy more than 2 days before or your dress might be too big

  3. leanne wilton

    hi I’m getting married in four years in December the 12 is starting to plan my wedding wrong or is it good because I already got one bridesmaid and I sorted out what me and my fiancé wedding cake is going to be

  4. Oh my God I wish I did the email!! I was just thinking this. My wedding is in 4 weeks and I’m getting important emails with my spam and advertisements.

  5. This will be very helpful! I am helping a friend plan her wedding also in the beginning of planning a renewal of vows for my husband and I. (We were engaged a week before we got married so it was small without many family members so for our 10 year anniversary we are doing a renewal of vows so that we can have family and friends with us which was all we were missing the first time around.

  6. Fairfield Manor

    Great tips! The "wedding only" email is so helpful! You have one place to see all the important event emails and when you are done….DELETE! all the wedding spam will disappear with the account 🙂

  7. Tracey In Maine

    Omg now I’m even more nervous!!!!!! my wedding is just a small, backyard, least expensive as possible and I’m not feeling very good about it right now!!!!!!!!!

  8. Everyday Starlet

    Great hacks! I’m getting married in August and it actually amazed me how many vendors don’t use email they want you to call… I hate the phone and I like everything all spelled out in an email so it’s in writing and I can think about it before I respond. Maybe it’s where I live, but wedding planning has made me realize how behind the times some companies really are!

  9. Shannon Reitema

    What great ideas! I’m already married but love your videos and these are great hacks. And I kinda teared up at the end thinking about the big day and marrying your love. You are so right! No matter what happens it’s still going to be the best day!

  10. Amanda Alexander

    I wish everyone who got married before Pinterest and intense social media got a Do Over wedding. My wedding was pretty but if I could do it over and have the knowledge I have now…. pssshh, that shit would have been fresh to death. These are great hacks!

  11. Brianna Beaver

    I seriously wish I would have found this before I started planning my wedding! You definitely NEED a wedding planning only email. You get so much spam it’s ridiculous! I already set up a new email for after the wedding has concluded and will be using that one instead from now on….

  12. Makayla's Vanity

    I’m getting married next August and I’m starting all of my planning and decorating plans now. I’m so anxious and excited so this video was so helpful!

  13. When I got married last year the address stickers were amazing! I’d hate to write my address out 200 times (once you count thank you cards!)

  14. NHchocolatelover

    Great video!  It is true that some family members want to help, but don’t be put off by those who do not want to help.  They may be dealing with bad memories from previous weddings.

  15. Gabriela Centurion Neumann

    I had no bra under my dress because the dress had the support I needed 🙂 It made me feel free and I did not worry at all. Excellent advises, my dear!

  16. I’m getting married in 2 months and I would like to comment on tip "ask for help". My fiancee’s family is pretty miffed that I have not asked for a lot of help. The truth is though, that there really is’t a lot that I feel that I can extend out to others to help me with. Can you elaborate on the ways that you managed to help include your family in the planning process?

  17. excellent tips and that envelope in the freezer thingy completely blew my mind!! but I do agree with the comment about "where life begins….after coffee". do consider changing it up…kinda getting corny and dry. but otherwise I LOVE ur channel, esp ur battle of the drugstore whatevs.

  18. prettygirljenny2o

    Congrats on your engagement! Agree with so much that you said haha awe this made me want to get married all over again (with my husband ovcorse) lol

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