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So It is genuinely taking place & I’ve officially produced the choice to share my wedding arranging particulars with you all! D WE’RE Acquiring MARRIED!!!

It is been a long engagement with a lot of highs & lows … particularly over the last year with the passing of loved ones. James & I have decided that life will continue to be crazy no matter what & there may possibly not ever be a “best time” to get married – so we’re just going for it!

We’re both so excited to place our focus on anything optimistic & capture the journey along the way! Thumbs up if you are excited to come along with us!!! If there is anything distinct you’d like to see me share during this series, please leave it in the comments below.

Thanks So A lot For Watching!!!
xo’s ~ Tati

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  1. Faviola Alvarez

    After all you guys have been threw you guys deserve this time of happiness. So excited for you guys. Can’t wait to see the pregnancy blogs after the wedding. Lol Love you Tati

  2. ahhh i’m so happy for you love! i LOVE weddings and i love you two even more! you’re both so perfect together, he really seems like the most perfect man for you. you were like a little girl the whole video and i could not stop smiling throughout the whole video! so happy for you two. can’t wait for the rest of the videos! and hopefully a baby in the future! LOL 

  3. Mengya -Lavender Shu

    Ohhhh, that comes right in time!!!! I’m planning my wedding for next March, would love to go through the journey with u!!!

  4. Rocio Carbajal

    Congtatulations! Yes, it’s been a long time coming. I wish I could go and see it, I know it’s gonna be classy and beautiful. James is awesome! Good luck.

  5. Congrats Tati & all the best! You will be one of the most beautiful bride walking in the aisle 👰 love love love💖💖💖

    I love watching your video..your so gorgeous & stunning!

  6. I’m so glad that you have decided to share your wedding planning process with us!  James, Congrats and Tati, Warm wishes and happy wedding planning!

  7. you are one of my favourite youtubers! I’m so happy for you. your going to make a beautiful bride!! best wishes and congrats!!!!

  8. I thought she was already married. I thought she even refers to James as her husband. Hmm. Guess not! Congrats! Should be a fun series!

  9. Vada Ashley

    I can’t wait for this! Esp since I got married on Maui as well this will be especially fun to watch!!! To see where your wedding is!

  10. Tati, I have been a sub on your channel since you were at about 2k! It’s been soooo wonderful watching your channel grow to what it is now! I’m so ecstatic that you’re FINALLY getting married! I remember when your proposal video came out well over a year ago and it made me tear up! I’m so excited for you to begin a new chapter of your life. You are definitely my favorite beauty guru I’ve seen. 🙂

  11. carol whalen

    My daughter was just married this past Saturday.  I have just two words for you and James.  Wedding Planner.  This person will know all the best vendors, venues, etc.  She/he will make you life so much easier.  Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope your wedding is as much fun as my Lauren’s was!  (I danced so much that my feet still hurt two days later!)  Happy marriage to you both!

  12. maria armenta

    Omg i really thought that you were already married, and i’ve Been whatching your videos for a long time now , anyway congrants on the wedding lots of love from México 🙂

  13. Marina Veljkovic

    You should wach Alexandreas Garza’s videos, her last video is about planing weddin and I think it can help you. I wish you two good luck in future. 🙂

  14. Ana Valeriano

    Yes!! I love this 🙂 I’m getting married September next year and is so exciting 😀 you’re gonna be a beautiful bride Tati no doubt! Xx

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