Surprise Engagement of the YEAR

The Day she mentioned “YES!”🙌…My FiancĂ©es Surprise Engagement🙏💍 Whilst she thought we were filming a video in honor of her upcoming Medical School graduation…I had other plans! 🤗

To my future Wife, might this moment final forever! I Adore You! All Praises to the Most Higher! 🙌#OperationDRIVEN #LiveWell #TheEngagement #AllBlessings!
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STRANGEST Engagement and Wedding Rings

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15 – To Dine for…
If you and your much better half get pleasure from dining out and have shared a handful of glasses of wine more than delicious sushi, then perhaps you might think about buying this distinctive sushi ring. Made by Carolyn Tille, this ring is excellent enough to eat…

14 – Share away…
This exquisite Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring was designed by Gas design and style and Jennifer Flume. It includes a USB flash drive, so the couple can very easily share information.

13 – I hear your heart beat…
This could either be the sound wave of a heart beat – indicating that your heart is always beating for your companion, or it could imply that you both have a really like for music – and the sound waves are a excellent way to indicate that shared passion. What ever the reason behind it, this sound wave ring is gorgeous!

12 – Connected…
This would be the excellent ring if you met your companion on an on the web dating website or maybe by way of on the web gaming – it is a mouse sharing ring, and if you’re willing to share your mouse – nicely then you know it’s true enjoy.

11 – Feeling Dirty…
I’m not positive if this was particularly used as an engagement ring, but it was worth a mention. It is a soap ring made by Nancy Wu, which slowly disappears after every single wash.

10 – By no means overlook again…
If you and your hubby are rather forgetful, this is perfect for you. Specifically 24 hours prior to your anniversary, the band heats up to 120 degrees for ten seconds. A best reminder for you to drop every thing and rush out and acquire anything.

9 – As exclusive as a fingerprint…
In truth, it is a fingerprint! These amazing rings are accessible in a number of various designs, and every single a single is made far more special by the owner’s personal fingerprints. Gerd Rothman makes ones with the print and charm on best, and Andrew English lets you pick amongst obtaining the print on the inside or the outdoors.

eight – A ideal match…
We can thank Dmitri Mendeleev for coming up with the original periodic table back in the 19th century, and we can thank ITSNONAME for these period table rings. So, there are three rings, each and every produced with the metal with their right name – so silver is AG, Gold is AU and Platinum is Pt. The quantity at the bottom is the metal’s atomic weight.

7 – If hardcores your thing…
And you’re currently sporting a quantity of piercings and tattoos, these eccentric rings are made to be pierced appropriate under your skin.

six – It’s a puzzling situation…
These interlocking rings are gorgeous and can either be used as the engagement and wedding ring for the spouse, or each of you have one of them.

five – For the sweet tooth…
If your partner loves all issues sweet, then this is a fantastic way to offer you them anything unique when it comes to engagement rings. The only dilemma is, that individual will be craving sweetness all day long if they’re wearing this cute ring.

four – As lengthy as you each shall live…
If you’re getting a tattoo wedding ring, you are def. going to have to stick to your vows – because these rings are for life.

three – Hidden surprise…
Perhaps you are not the flashy sort, or maybe the diamond is so little – you’re embarrassed – what ever your cause, this quirky ring hides the diamond on the inside, so it is only you and your better half who know it’s worth.

2 – Plugged in…
If you’re totally plugged in to your partner, then these plug and socket rings would be the ideal uncommon wedding bands.

1 – King and Queen…
And lastly, if you have ultimately discovered your king or queen, then this gorgeous set would capture your feelings beautifully.

Which of these unusual engagement and wedding rings was your preferred? Let us know in the comments beneath, and subscribe to our channel for a lot more gorgeous videos just like this, thanks for watching.

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I finally proposed to the girl of my dreams! I can’t wait to devote the rest of my life with her and her little girl!



I could not have pulled off this proposal with no the support of a couple of really crucial, amazing individuals.

Musician: @BrockBakerMusic

Video: @MattSlayss



Voice of narrator: Taps

Thank you to all the loved ones and buddies who came out and helped make this such a magical, unforgettable day! We adore you all!

From: Cole&Sav


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Surprise Engagement turned Surprise Wedding

She asked God for a unique wedding with a exclusive man, and that is specifically what she got. Watch all the surprises roll out as Rexine and Karl tie the knot following turning an engagement reveal into their best wedding day. It’s the wedding no 1 saw coming, but will never ever forget.

A enormous THANK YOU to the complete crew with DPD Productions/Drescher Photo and Style!

James Drescher, Missy Drescher, Chad Adams, Rachel Yancey and Joshua Booth

“Hold On” by Marie Hines

From: Karl and Rexine



Cute Wedding Engagement and Proposal. Wonderful engagement idea!


From: Loken Vande Vegte


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