Best Wedding Entrance – Harlem Shake

Ron and Lisa’s epic wedding entrance on March 23, 2013.

From: Ron Lisa



  1. Kickboxing Mama

    Hopefully, this was just a guest recording and not the actual wedding video because the annoying screaming would have ruined this part of the wedding video. A professional videographer would have moved or if possible edit the screaming.

  2. Abigail Aquino

    How cute?!! Yes, they looked uncomfortable but I’m sure they were just super nervous…look at all those people!
    Anyway, this was different but I love it!! 😊

  3. Natasha Chiware

    To my ugly ex that won’t leave me alone Look at my new boyfriend miri I’m married to him and I’m having a baby with him

  4. brigantinecastle

    Sorry but that was the worst I’ve ever seen. Being a DJ since 87 I talk people out of stuff like this. That was just bad.

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