Greatest Proposal Ever!!! Inspired by Pixar’s UP (Preserve tissues nearby)

Produced by Daniel K. Films

Highschool sweethearts, nurses, and quickly to be married. Our preferred film is Pixar’s UP. This proposal includes 700 balloons, Our Adventure Book scrapbook, 100+ Roses, a violist, and close friends with cameras!

For Up associated merchandise and a lot much more check out Kim Vu’s awesome Etsy web page!

Songs employed in the video are:
Taylor Swift- 22
Michael Giacchino- Carl Goes Up
Michael Giacchino- Married Life

From: Eric Dutze



  1. They are really perfect for each other and a beautiful couple. Congratulations to the both of you and wish you all the best.

  2. omg this is so precious in so many ways! just cried after watching Jessi Malays too D: love this!!! best wishes to you guys <3

  3. So cute >3 ♥️ I love the theme ♥️ hands down one of the best proposals I’ve ever seen on YouTube ♥️♥️ may God bless u two with a long, healthy, happy, relationship ♥️ I wish u the best of luck – Anita ♥️

  4. havingfun1968

    That young lady has the MOST BEAUTFUL smile and all you can see is happiness in her eyes. You know you will be just like us, BEYOND HAPPILY MARRIED. See, I never answer "YES I’m MARRIED"… NEVER… ALWAYS answer "I’M BEYOND HAPPILY MARRIED" That’s the GREATEST gift God can give you. You two look like our house, filled like a comedy club, and nEVER lose that laughter. 36 years later it’s still funny as hell in our house. I have NO DOUBT you will say the same to the next upcoming couple. We were told the same by others and couldn’t imagine 36 years, and yet here we are. YOU WILL SAY THE SAME, I have no doubt. Many blessings to you both and if you are EVER in Vegas, dinner is on us. Semper FI (ALWAYS FAITHFUL), Captain T, U.S.M.C.

  5. We must KILL people such those guys who show up in those freaking proposal videos!!
    They raise our expectations fuck them😂😂💔

  6. Wait are you guys Mormons? Not that it matters just curious since there was that clip of you two and she looked like she was standing in front of some Mormon paintings

  7. havingfun1968

    Plus I LOVED her answer, OF COURSE I WILL. That’s what makes them so precious and filled with love….God bless them both….

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