Ideal Marriage Proposal of 2016! (Warning: Video will make you cry!)

This video highlights the steps of my proposal to my Queen. We met when we had been just youngsters in Middle College and were always fantastic friends.In no way considering that we would end up with each other, I always supported her non profit organization and overtime our friendship grew. Our timing was impeccable as we started dating, I knew this woman was going to be my wife. 17 months later we are engaged! She was placed into my life for a purpose and i’m a lot more than grateful to spend the rest of my life with her.

It’s often enjoyable to get creative when preparing for one particular of the greatest days in your life! There is a lot of enjoy in this video so, take pleasure in!.

Cinematographer – Rajah Samaroo / Greg Couet

Licensed music :
“Inspirational Piano Arpeggios five” (Aspire)
by marcozannone
“Sentimental Acoustic Background”
by TuneLight
Complete Lotta Lovin’ -Instrumental

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From: Corey Omar



  1. La'mia Angel Deisgnz Digital Media

    This was so very touching and moving she is indeed one of the luckiest women I know. not only did she receive such a beautiful day, with you pampering her but she also got to hear from your soul! I have watched many video’s and honestly only one other really touched me like this did. Now a days men think the most extravagant trickery like being on a show that has been done a thousand times, or they do not put any effort fourth at all and think because it is a surprise it will be good enough. Well there are 4 major events we remember for a lifetime. 1 falling madly in love with our soulmate 2 the proposal 3 getting married 4 creating a family with the man of our dreams and bringing life into this world that was lovingly made by two madly in love people. Good for you that was beautiful!

  2. Beauty Andmore

    Aww this is the cutest thing ever when he was talking in the begging about her ! You can really tell how much she means to him👍

  3. I had to cough to hold back tears. I love how you are proud & joyful when you are professing your love to her & this definitely made me tear. amazing video, what you said to her & about her was beautiful & i wish you guys total happiness together!! You better vlog the wedding

  4. Michael-Dwyer Dorrington

    Two beautiful people, doing something beautiful IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. ATTENTION ENJOYING PATHETIC PEOPLE. I proposed to my love in a place only WE know. No camera. She’ll tell our/hers family and friends. We’ll cherish the moment. BUT NOT TRY TO GET A FEW MINUTES OF FAME. WORTHLESS WANNABE ACTOR!!!

  5. I know that this response is old because this was posted in 2016, it’s now 2017. Not sure how far you guys have gotten in the preparations of the wedding (OR if you two are marrie now) but I just wanted to say that this was simply BEAUTIFUL and such a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE SHE WILL BE!

  6. Naturalbeauty50

    His words to the woman he loves were so heartfelt…beautiful…I’m crying right now! Congratulations to you both. ❤❤

  7. Franics Lynn

    Omg I cried soon as this video started. God bless you and her have a wonderful healthy life together this video was beautiful! 💜

  8. beautiful i was crying bawling my eyes out but tbh i would loose selfeteam if i was taller than my man or in this case boy

  9. Tbh?I feel that this issnt that emotional, but it was pretty good. The Ace Family’s proposal was a lot of emotional 😭no hate pls

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