Ubud, Bali is So Low cost $32 a night EPIC HOTEL

$32 a night for this hotel with an Infinity Pool over looking the jungle.
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From: JubrilAgoro



  1. Davis Brian

    Woah, total Wanderlust watching these videos!

    Speaking of AirBnb, can you make a video detailing your experiences of using AirBnB while black?

  2. Blue Ray Marketing

    I am sitting on a Qatar A380 somewhere over India en route to Thailand. I strike up a conversation with the passenger sitting next to me. He is from Bahrain and also heading to Thailand. We got on the subject of Colombia. I have been there over a dozen times. Telling him my adventures in Colombia Then i start to tell him about your video comparing NYC to Medellin . He looks at me at says oh You mean the video from Jubril?

  3. I am looking forward to your videos in Thailand. I will be going in Dec and I am curious to hear your experience as a black person.
    New sub.

    Have fun. Cheers.

  4. Silvio Fontana

    Nice to see you are enjoying Bali, i love it. However, your USA$ prices are certainly more than what I pay for in Ubud. Have lots of fun, leave some beer for me. cheers

  5. Ryane Benkovich

    dude. im in chiang mai. leaving to vietnam and coming back. i live of //// air force money but we working in the future. my mind is fuckin sick on another level. thanks for your spirit fam

  6. Ama Widarmana

    hello, please also check my parent’s accommodation named Song Broek Jungle Resort located near UBUD bali. Cheap with nature view and wooden room 🙂
    you can google it
    contact me for special discount

  7. jared mccray

    Much love Jubril love the videos keep doing your thing, I’ll be out there in march for the first time can’t wait!

  8. abi reeve-jones

    Your so lucky I’m well jealous be able to travel everywhere and make videos know anywhere else that is awesome but cheap to get to from bristol

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