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  1. Stephanie Asselin

    I so needed this video today! My wedding is on July and there was a whole group discussion with everyone opinion about if a video was necessary or not. I really wanted it but everyone told me to spend the money elsewhere. In the end I just did what I wanted but drove myself nuts feeling guilty about it. Thank you for this video!

  2. I loved this video, I can relate to every one of them. The Pinterest advice is the best on this list because so many girls think they need every single thing Pinterest has and they never feel satisfied! Im glad other brides are mentioning that. Being in the moment YESS so true! The opinion of others… YESS! YOU nailed it so much on the head. The only thing I did not agree with when it came to this, was the wedding planner. Making women think they need to hire a wedding planner (although this is just a tip) is disheartening. Not all women, especially in todays time, can afford a wedding planner. So for those who cannot, it stresses them out thinking they NEED to have one or their wedding will not be as beautiful as someone who did hire one. That is completely untrue bride-to-bes. I have been to several weddings, and I find out if they used a planner or not, and the outcome is always the same, whether you used one or not. So do not feel like because you can or cannot afford one that your wedding will be any less than beautiful! I know you meant no harm by this, but I wanted to reiterate for those who read the comments, that a wedding planner, while theyre GREAT, they’re not the deciding factor between a beautiful wedding and a not so beautiful wedding. At the end of the day, your beautiful may not be my beautiful. Every bride has their own sense of beauty and NO MATTER WHAT, your day will be the most beautiful day to you, the bride. So do not fret if you cannot afford a planner. Your day will be just as grand. The time you put into planning, whether its you the bride planning, or the wedding planner planning, the time is what makes the difference. Love what you do, love your choices and you will LOVE your day. Do not psych yourself out. Brittany nailed it on the head.. there will ALWAYS be a more beautiful dress, venue, vendor, etc. but the fact that it is YOUR dress, vendor, venue, etc. is what makes it THE most beautiful decision. Anyway, great video! I just wanted to explain that little tid bit of what I as a bride to be have noticed as well. Congratulations and best wishes with everything! I am so excited for all my fellow bride to bes 🙂

  3. Alicia Amiri

    I agree with all especially the dress and the being pushed around. I’m also a planner. Good tip with the photographer. I was thinking about doing that too.

  4. Lauren Gray-Wolff

    Nice tips 🙂 I’m getting married in July and have taken a super laid back approach to the process. Stress free is the way to be! My main tip would be to remember what the day really means. It’s all about celebrating your love with your most favorite people on Earth.
    Also, I live on Oahu so let me know if you want any tips on where to go/ eat. There is SO much to do here!

  5. lindseys lifeNstyle

    Thank you! These are great tips! How long out did you start planning? Our wedding is May of next year. We were going to start looking at venues in the next couple weeks.😊

  6. Brianna Traynor

    Totally agree with all of them, especially 5! I’ve always been a people pleaser and I had to put my foot down!!!

  7. Alissa Tarner

    I just used Shannon for our wedding this past Saturday! She did an AMAZING job!! Your Instagram popped up on mine so I just started watching some of your videos, what a coincidence ha ha!!

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