Best ten Wedding Arranging Guidelines

This week we’re giving you our Top 10 wedding planning tips from deciding on venues, understanding your budget to dealing with hard family members. Comment below with any tips that helped you program your big day.

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  1. I’m currently planning a wedding and my partner’s family gave us a huge amount of money to help us pay for the wedding and said we had free reign to do what we want with it. My mum on the other hand, gave us a tiny amount a thinks she has the right to dictate how all of it is spent. I think she is being unfair and rude considering her contribution didn’t even cover the dress she demanded for the wedding I don’t think she should have that much of a say. I don’t know what to do and every time we talk it always ends in a fight and how I’m a ‘spoilt brat’ for not doing what she wants.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?

  2. I thought the hard part about getting married was being asked!!! Haha! No one warned me how hard the actual planning was! My mum finds it hard because she always imagined she would plan my wedding but as we’re getting married abroad we’ve had to get a wedding planner and my fiance and I are mainly doing it ourselves.

  3. thepartnerincrime

    I would love to see a video regarding winter weddings. Feel it’s a really overlooked subject and I’ve only ever seen myself getting hitched at Christmas time

  4. Hello lovely ladies, I’m getting married in July and just beginning to add detail to my wedding and get organised. The planning/contact sheet for the day that you mention in this video – where can I find it? Looked on the blog but couldn’t see it! Thanks xxx

  5. Siobhan Yeatman

    Ah this whole channel makes me so happy. I’m a qualified wedding planner, but when it comes to planning your OWN wedding, it’s so confusing. We got engaged on Christmas Day and are getting married on 1st July this year, so life has been utter madness, considering that I’ve been working a full time job, blogging, studying and have been a bridesmaid in the time in between!

    My hardest part was making sure that it was ‘our’ day – both sets of parents have been quite determined that certain things be included. We’ve learned quickly how to make small compromises. Rather than fight them on small things that don’t really matter, we let them have their way, and then fight them on the bigger things. Like, I didn’t have an issue inviting certain people they insisted on, as they’re paying for the food. I didn’t mind having a slightly longer veil, because it made my mom so happy. But I insisted on choosing my shoes, and the cake, as those were really important to me – I’m wearing deep burgundy shoes, and we’re having donuts instead of cakes 😉

    You guys make my life so much easier! x

  6. HairMakeupNails

    I get married in two and a half months so I’m on the home run in terms of planning 💒👰🏻💐 but this was still really helpful and super exciting!! I cannot wait for our big day 🥂! Love watching you both on this channel 💞 xx

  7. Kelley-Jay M

    I’m getting married next year and currently in the middle of planning my wedding and I’m loving it. These tips are great. Please remember enjoying the planning process is so important as time goes by super quick and before you know it your close to your wedding! x

  8. My top tip: overestimate every cost from what you expect. So many parts of my wedding ended up costing just that bit more than I had anticipated which added up when put together

  9. MisyOsaTRENDS

    I have been engaged for two months and have finally found a fantastic Youtube channel to follow. Finally booked our destination wedding. We have a wedding planner, it’s so nice to watch these videos. Very helpful. For any bride to be I ordered illustries wedding planner-it is an amazing wedding scrap book and journal which was recommended by You and Your wedding bridal magazine : ) x

  10. My boyfriend proposed last week and now I’m frantically watching all of the BDF videos to try and to work out where the he’ll to start

  11. Getting married November 5th this year, engaged a month ago! So far got the ceremony and reception venues, rough guest list, 2 caterers to choose from, photographer booked, wedding dress bought. Lots to do but loving it, gotta get those invites out soon 😬

  12. Hi girls – I’ve been to your website and there’s no PDF like you mentioned? Please can you tell me where I am find it? I’m getting married in November and planning it all myself so need all the help I can get! PS I’m so glad you’re back xxx

  13. Jellie Beanz

    Currently planning a wedding…. these videos are so helpful! Would love a video on wedding favours, and decorations! Really struggling with the little bits of the wedding planning xxx

  14. Saba Qureshi

    Could you do a more detailed video on dealing with wedding vendors? You touched on lots of important things like contracts and VAT, would love to know more detail about it!

  15. Yarialis Lopez

    I’m getting married in December of this year and I am supe excited, my fiancé is such a big support, he is helping with the planning process.

  16. Yes i needed this – im such a procrastinator, and im afraid of crunching the numbers :S but it must be done. Thank god my MOH is an accoutant lol. Id love to see more info on scheduling or even just how you personally would write up a detailed schedule and how best to communicate it to your guests, like a day-of playbill or a wedding website or something

  17. Philippa Wood

    I would love to see a video with some of Fleur’s bridesmaids talking about their roles in the run up and on the bid day. 🙂

  18. JeSuisJusteMoi

    Taking advantage (nicely) of talented friends is a great way to save money. I made the veil for a friend as my wedding gift to her, and saved her at least $100, and it was custom designed to match her dress. But DIY projects can also give you great quality time with the bride/bridal party. For one friend’s wedding I spent an awesome evening hanging out with her and her mom making overlays for the table clothes, best night ever. And for another friend’s wedding, the day before the wedding she went to a local grocery store and bought up all their roses, the rest of the day was spent with the bridal party making all of our bouquets and other floral elements. We had so much fun and I don’t think she spent more than $200 on all the roses and supplies. 🙂

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