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TLC’s For Far better or For Worse

Tiff and I’s wedding on TLC’s “For Greater Or For Worse” Dec 6th 2003.

Producers take something and try to distort it. Tiffany’s parents adore us and are very content that we got married.

From: Joel Hosler



  1. charliefoxx81

    29:36 – is that kind of cleavage really necessary? lol  this host is Hollywood cheese to the max – however, the couple seems very sweet =)

  2. ArizonaRain1

    I think your wedding was beautiful.  You guys looked great together.  Everyone worked so good together to make it special.  It doesn’t matter what others think, as long as you loved it.  I spent the last 10 minutes crying.

  3. Joel, your wedding was AMAZING. I planned, bought my dress, everything with $5,000 too. My hubby even had the same shirt…and he sang to me as a surprise! People are saying things about your bagged food…well, I had WALMART cater my wedding! LOL!!! (Deli Sandwiches and Cheeses) Best wishes for a long and happy marriage! We’re going on 18 years in April.

  4. Bag lunch was gross, but otherwise the wedding was perfect. Why spend money that could go into a home or honeymoon etc.
    The bride’s mom looked and behaved like a total bitch…couldn’t even wonder she wasn’t shown much.

  5. julie Nicholson

    lovely wedding, and dont know how they did it on such a tiny budget, photographer was so cheap! dress an amazing bargain, shame the brides mom looked like she had been dragged thru a hedge backwards tho. all the best to a lovely couple

  6. this is the kind of cost for wedding people all over the world should do with. save big cost for post wedding time, where the real challenge of marriage comes. thumbs up to the planning team.

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