This Wife Divorces Husband In The Worse Way Feasible. But How He Responds Is Way Worse !

Kevin says he was extremely surprised and extremely distraught when his wife up and left him. She in no way gave a reason, but she did look to move on quite rapid. But when Kevin Cotter’s wife of 12 years packed up and moved out final year, she left behind one really essential item in her closet – her wedding dress.
when he asked her to take her wedding dress she told him to do whatever he want with it , And that is specifically what he did
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  1. Sounds like "Stalker Kevin" is the one that should move on???????????????? weirdo ????????? maybe she left you because your a weirdo…………… wonder what he does with the underwear she left……… AND TO THE IDIOT who made this video how in the hell do you know what she put him through. Maybe other way around…………………… scumbags

  2. Yeah, I never understood why the fuck anyone would wanna spend thousands on a dress that would only wear one time. To me that’s ridiculous but then again I’m not a woman.

  3. Saul Reynoso

    I doubt if she even cares what he does with something she doesn’t value, in her mind it’s no different then him taking out the garbage.

  4. Karen Baxter

    Agree with the first comment. Just move on buddy coz it is kind of pathetic. …….. Furthermore U seem like a nice guy and a smart, budget minded woman could have re-designed the shape of the dress or dyed it a slight rose colour and re-worn it for your next (and probably permanent marriage) if U hadn’t ruined the dress she was about to wear. ……. i’m already married but I could have re-designed that dress a million ways so it looked completely different……. What a waste of good material. People also use wedding dresses to make baby christening dresses out of but there goes that idea also coz U just ruined your future child’s christening gown.

  5. Yaluobud Werdna

    How is artistic expression / therapy way worse than walking out on a marriage? I think Kevin has creative talent.

  6. George Cruz

    Obviously she didn’t care about the marriage much less the dress. Should have gotten a girl friend or paid for one that would have blown her away. Let’s face when women leave that quickly it usually means the have someone else.

  7. Karen Baxter

    I’m feeling for the guy…….. Cute dog and nice house. Don’t worry buddy it won’t take U long to meet some1 else. Just be understanding if she is not perfect e.g. is a little messy or can’t cook. If she likes U and likes your dog then give her a chance. If she doesn’t like the dog then the dog stays and she goes. Try another woman who appreciates dogs and you.

  8. The Blue Rose in Winter

    My husband walked out on his children  (a toddler daughter and a baby son 8 months old) and myself heart broken and homeless as he had emptied the account gambled it away , (we had no electricity) and the estate agent for the flat we were in was due with an eviction notice and turned up 3 minutes after he left . I had to go to the Charities for help.    I still would spit in his face for all the hurt he did if I could find him, even after 40 years. His reason he told us years later was a girlfriend  of 19 compared to his wife of 25 was better to look at . She divorced him a year after they got married and left him for an old boyfriend ,she cost him a home, a son ,all the money he had …… Karma ..   ha ha ha ha

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