Thirty Minutes Following Watching this Proposal Video and We’re Nonetheless Sobbing.

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  1. Linda Ilknur Eker

    So beautiful proposal and you guys was looking so happy and hope you will always stay happy.
    Greatings from Sweden

  2. Sarah Armstrong

    So i kept it all together until i saw her grandfathers photo. I swear someone started cutting onions then….

    Congratulations guys. I wish you a happy forever.

  3. I don’t know what to make my name yet

    And……. ok. Done.
    Just sent this to my crush.. I’ll update y’all in a few years 😂

  4. When God is a center of all relationships there is no doubt the couple that binds with the grace of God live happily ever after.

  5. nikkisahota89

    She has the most amazing intuition. She’s very cute and its refreshing for a man to actually be aware of what he’s committing into when asking the question

  6. Jazmin Burch

    I broke down crying once he showed her, her grandfather picture and booked their wedding on the day he died just a year later. I though that was oh so sweet. Very well thought out. I am soo happy for them!!!

  7. Poorvi Malhotra

    omg…thz iz d most cutest vedio i ve ever seen!!! bless u guyz….bht were awsm..specially d boy who arranged ol thz…sooo true….lots of luv frm my side..luv u both😙

  8. Prapti Buragohain

    All the time he was saying those vows, I could only think of my boyfriend and how every word applies to how I feel about him. I never believed in marriage, but now I realise he’s the guy I would want as my husband. This was beautiful. Thank you.

  9. sylvia isreal

    Am still smiling endlessly. How was your wedding ceremony? Have a blessed life,healthfull,weathfull,gracefull,and Heavenly minded.

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