The Most Creative Proposal EVER! Fake Wedding, Real Engagement

New age proposals are starting to pop-up everywhere with elaborate setups and weeks of arranging that were required to make the occasion take place. They are now viewable on internet sites such as YouTube creating so many individuals smile and rejoice that adore is alive in such a grand way. 1 example of a new age proposal is the dance flash mob engagement where elaborate choreographed setups in the middle of massive public locations commence where the proposal will take place. An additional new age notion is at a movie theater where a trailer is the engagement query to an unexpected soon to be bride thinking she was just going to the movies with her boyfriend. Following she says yes, unbeknownst to her, she turns around and sees all her family and close friends sitting in the audience which adds even a lot more of a dramatic beauty to the experience making the entire setup priceless. Those are just two tiny examples of new age proposals even so, one just recently occurred at an LJDJS occasion involving a spectacular undertaking and flawless execution. Not to mention the owner of , Jack Bermeo, was the man who asked his girlfriend Sophia to be his bride. Read A lot more or & watch more videos on




  1. Paul Kenyon

    What’s up with all these gay proposals with the man and woman as the icon? You guys afraid nobody would watch your nonsense if you were honest and up front about it? Typical.

  2. Ashley Gillespie

    What a bitch she clearly doesn’t wanna marry him, wasn’t excited at all. Look at all he did just to do that. I’d bawl lol

  3. Fredy Villa

    really ugly to see two men kissing one to another, i wanted to vomit. like somebody else said, this is a abomination to God, only Jesus can deliver these people if they repent, if not they will end in hell, and the people that aprovved them too.

  4. Ron Patterson

    Brilliant. One of the sweetest proposals I have ever watched. May God Bless you and keep you safe. All the best and Congratulations from the Green Isle of Northern Ireland

  5. Savonndra Walker

    Why is every one making a big deal about the men kissing. If anyone ever read the bible it clearly states that no sin is bigger than another one. So all of you people having sex before marriage and getting tattoos and getting high we are all sinners and god says not to harm or mess with his temple get real and leave all of the gay and lesbian people alone. And if people weren’t so ignorant they wood see that some of the best people are gay so just stop and get off your high horse

  6. Maria Kamon

    Thank you for this post. I have been blessed at a wedding professionals to see many wedding. Have been blessed seeing one used in this manner. Maria of MK Pure Diamond

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