The Most Lovely Wedding Dresses in The World

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Wedding Dress is Really Sensitive for All Females. Here We are Displaying Far more Than 15 Wedding Dresses of The Globe. You Can Decide on Any person and Consult With Your Designer to Make Like This.

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  1. Damian Lopez

    I’m sorry but I hope I don’t offend the designers here.But I cannot stand these bridal gowns.They are horrible because they are rough as steel wool cleaning pads.They are full of a rough feeling embroidery.These dresses scream of Do not touch me because you’ll be scraped and hurt by the ugly dress and it’s sequins and details!!!. Shouldn’t a bride’s dress tell her soon to be husband(The groom)"Look at how I love you that I’m wearing a dress that feels soft and smooth for you to show how much you mean to me,come and touch me,you’ll be glad you did"These dresses here are just nasty and hard.In my opinion.With no soft friendly smooth shine and a real beautiful slippery feel.No wedding dress I mean No wedding dresses even come close to the Glowing pearly gorgeous shiny smooth ultra feminine bridal satin gowns of the 1930s and 1940s.Now those were reall wedding dresses with character and feminine sophisticated beauty.The classic stuff.The good stuff.Not the napkin like junk they have now.The lack-luster dull irritatingly scratchy dresses they have now.I’m sorry but It is unacceptable to me.Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Debbie Lopez

    The pics of this video are horrible, i want to see the WHOLE DRESS at one time, not pieces of it then pass on to the next one. I didnt even finish watching, it was awful !!!!!!!!

  4. Marie Cruickshank

    Wow all these dresses r stunning but that’s only part of it get something unique different but wethere u get married in a dress or a suit it’s how u get married to and not about the money.xx👍💙💙💙💙💙💙👍💖💖💖💖💖even though every girl loves being spoiled.x

  5. Amber krill

    I was always told I be a beautiful bride maybe this time I will be able to be one never have had a wedding dress before if I get one it would be baby blue and white in my shoulders with show because I have very beautiful shoulders.

  6. Polina Perri

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  7. E Sravanth kumar

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