The Most Beautiful Prom & Wedding Dresses

The Most Beautiful Prom & Wedding Dresses

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  1. Damian Lopez

    These are the most horrendous and SCRATCHY looking dresses I have seen so far.Your opinion of what is "beautiful"differs greatly from mine. It is a truth that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.Do you realize that the materials used for these dresses are extremely abrasive!!! Why not just make dresses out of shards of metal and nails and steel wool. They are NOT feminine at all.And they scream DO NOT TOUCH OR YOU’ll get scratched!!!. Imagine if men began to wear tuxedos with sharp metal sticking out of them?!!! What happened to real femininity. Like the glamour dresses of the 1930’s?.

  2. Rula Martini

    I wish she posted links to where we can find these dresses- because honestly who is looking at this unless they need a dress for a special occasion. I have my brother’s wedding coming up! If you guys see something cute! Send me the link!!! Thank you in advance 😡

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