10 wedding posing ideas for the bride, suggestions and tricks for great bridal portraits

ten wedding posing concepts for the bride, suggestions and tricks for wonderful bridal portraits
we are focusing only on the bride this time and discover some of the classic and the best poses, concepts, guidelines and trick how to get fantastic bridal shots. From details on the footwear, bags, bridal dress and jewellery, to person portrait in soft window light, back light, and close ups, we present the very best suggestions in the wedding photography business.
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  1. bipasha sarkar

    very useful Sir… I myself wants to get into this photography business, both because it’s a efficient effortless exhibition of art and also because it would make me rich… thank you for your valuable tips…

  2. can you give us some tips for settings when shooting weddings. iso ,shutter speed, aperture, lens to use, WB also to use flash or continieus lights and especialy inside the church. if there are some video from you just tell us the link. thank you

  3. Your shots definitely have the WOW factor. My only question is you said you introduce yourself to the bride first, but have you not previously met the bride to discuss roughly what she wants?

  4. Hi, I need your advice as I am wanting to buy zoom lense that Works specifically well in low light áreas as I will be shooting weddings, churches and group portraits. My camara is a Nikon D5300 and I currently have a prime 35mm f1.8 and a kit lens 18-55mm which is absolutely terrible in low light situations. Perhaps you could recommend me a lens and if posible it could also have Autofocus and Vibration Reduction. Please Advice. Many thanks for your kind attention.

  5. This dude needs practice with colour… he understands light which is why his black and whites look good… all his colour photos are meh

  6. Gasmine Sahdow

    Can you give me advices and new ideas if I am taking bridal photos inside a room at night as all wedding in my country start at night an no open areas?
    Thank you
    Appreciate ur help

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