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Here are my guidelines for planning a wedding. I am in no way a specialist, I’m just a gal that loves wedding and enjoyed arranging her personal. Weddings are certainly anything I am passionate about and I really like helping other individuals with theirs. Right here are some ideas that I picked up during my wedding season. I hope you enjoy! xo

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  1. I’m in the mix of planning my October 2017 wedding. We’re doing our own catering. I know what you’re thinking: So much work. It is, but I’m from a family of DIY’ers (and great cooks) and everyone is all in when it comes to that kind of thing. It’s just a matter of figuring out what I want for the food.

  2. I’m planning my wedding which is the end of the month, and I totally forgot about cleanup, and now I have a new thing to stress about lol. but I’m trying to think of people to help us set up for the reception do any suggestions would be great, we are renting a community center and we have to set up everything and cleanup afterward too… and we are on a serious budget, I almost wish we would have rented a venue with all those people. but now I’m starting to rant any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

  3. Brittney Bass

    Ohmylanta… Just got engaged over the weekend, came across your video. Your video is the FIRST video I actually took notes on. All of your tips and advice are SO awesome, and I plan to keep all of them in mind. So thank you SOOOO much for posting this video, totally subscribed and can’t wait to watch more.

  4. Awesome video! You wedding looked beautiful 🙂 I got engaged last September and just started planning my own wedding for August 2017 and I’m so excited! I started making a Wedding series on my channel so if you could check it out and give me any tips, that would be awesome! I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  5. Laney Stephens

    I’m getting married in November, it’s so overwhelming. Great tips, I’m learning that it is so important to locate your priorities and learn to say "no".

  6. Dixon Christian Academy

    And if you don’t eat get your wedding planner to fix to go plates for you and your husband. I saw the wedding planner to this at my brothers wedding and I thought it was the best idea.

  7. 3lizabethr0se

    My fiance and I are getting married in Oct. we were talking about cooking our own food. What would suggest for something like that???

  8. Loretta Alvarez

    Laura-Lee, I’m a new subscriber & I love your helpful tips! While listening to your video, it occurred to me that your opening & closing music might be good to play while people are just arriving to the venue to get them into a happy, upbeat mood. What is the name of that song? I’d love to know, so that I can find it!

  9. Makayla Simmons

    Omg my wedding is June 24th of this year and I’m still totally stressed! I have a super tight budget so it’s really hard I just want it to be fun and beautiful! Uhhg so stressful! You can be my planner! Are you in LA? Haha

  10. Christian Sandoval

    Helpful video! I would recommend you not to say "this video is for girls only" I am a groom watching your video who will be marrying my fiancé (who is another groom) and I didn’t find any of your tips applicable to "girls" only. Thanks for the tips! =)

  11. Always always get a day of coordinator never a wedding planner def pay attention to the food but I agree and disagree about the diy I def think if it’s stressful delegate it but my family is very crafty and super willing to help. If you plan your diys in enough time you can get them done well before the wedding which I feel is a huge plus.

  12. Vegas Weddings Planner

    Hi Laura, it was great hearing the real bride’s opinion on the planning process! It was fun to hear about the "pearls on the table" because one of the things I definitely liked was the embroidery on the table overlay. So pretty! I am a wedding planner, not a big "youtuber" but starting my channel to advise brides on wedding planning. Would be happy for you and everyone who sees this post to subscribe! I am starting posting wedding planning videos in January of 2018! =)

  13. Hi! I just stumbled upon your video and channel. I am so excited to watch all of your wedding themed videos. Thank you for creating so many! You are absolutely beautiful and I adore your personality. 💕💕 SUBSCRIBED!

  14. heartlane1323

    I completely agree with all of your points! my wedding is this coming August and the beginning was fun and chill, but now…whew!! lol. I hired a day of coordinator and a design coordinator for the day of and I don’t know what I would do without them.

  15. Christina Koufoudakis

    This was super helpful, thanks lovely! 🙂 And yes, ladies, EAT on your wedding day. My mom made this mistake and actually fainted during her ceremony! Eat the delicious food you put so much thought into! 😉 xxx

  16. Great! One of my biggest things for my wedding was about a month before I noticed I had put on a couple extra pounds from all the stress building up to the wedding. So in order to lose the weight quickly I used "The 2 week Diet". See here -> https://tinyurl.com/ybrvdd6a Helped me trim down quickly and look great for the wedding. It was not a long term solution (hence the name) but it got the job done for the little time I had.

  17. These are some great tips! If anyone is in Colorado, or even elsewhere, you guys should check out the Engaged and Confused Podcast. It seriously helps to plan a wedding the more resources you have!!

  18. Jessica Hernandez

    Just subscribed, love how much you love love 🙂 thanks for the advice! I’m planning a July wedding. I would love to tell you my plans to see what you think. It’s hard to find pictures so it’s my imagination all the way and it can be difficult to visualize it all!

    Thanks again! Take care.

  19. The Wedding Hub

    Wedding day coordinators are a must! SO nice for brides and grooms to be able to enjoy their day and not have to worry about all the details.

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