ten Honeymoon Destinations That Defy Belief

From a sexual education theme park to a hotel in outer space, we count ten highly uncommon honeymoon destinations!

What’s the most embarrassing issue your parents have ever carried out? Let us know on our reddit web page and you could be featured In a future countdown.

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  1. Steel's Father

    The thing with Jeju Island made me laugh out loud. I’ve been to the penis park in the pictures, but the whole island is not like that. I should have recorded my wife’s reaction when she saw that part of the video – she’s from there… but we didn’t honeymoon there – Phuket instead.

  2. Deidesheim… that pronounciation killed me. Please at least try to pronounce it correctly, you can even listen to the correct one in google translate!
    Much love!

  3. Necessary Evil

    yea another lazy video put out you would think for all the money these people are making on these videos that they would take the time to atleast make sure they’re pronouncing the dumb shit properly. or find a not shitty narrator that apparently know’s how to say a very simple, very famous author’s name. i expect this from shit channels with 1k subs but not 5 million step up your game you lazy fools.

  4. Operative Ben

    Nope im going to a vampire acting class however if I get married my queen has the choice since im her knight in shining armor and she’s my queen

  5. I LOVE THE FREEDOM ROOM!!! I wanna act like a kid acting like a prisoner in a cop chase! That would be the most fun you’d have!!!

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