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Surprise Engagement turned Surprise Wedding

She asked God for a unique wedding with a exclusive man, and that is specifically what she got. Watch all the surprises roll out as Rexine and Karl tie the knot following turning an engagement reveal into their best wedding day. It’s the wedding no 1 saw coming, but will never ever forget.

A enormous THANK YOU to the complete crew with DPD Productions/Drescher Photo and Style!

James Drescher, Missy Drescher, Chad Adams, Rachel Yancey and Joshua Booth

“Hold On” by Marie Hines

From: Karl and Rexine



  1. Funny how a rogue video while searching YouTube can have an effect. Love this one. Can’t stop crying after a dozen views. Such an adorable couple. Guess it’s the hopeless romantic in me…

  2. See what happens,ladies,when you let your man do what is in his heart,when he loves you.They become keepers when you allow and encourage him to be a good man in the way he is able to be.

  3. Diamond Rose

    Hey, you never know, maybe they weren’t acting during the proposal. I mean, obviously, they knew about it all beforehand, but the husband hadn’t actually gotten down on one knee and asked her.

  4. I thought it was beautiful, simple, elegant wedding and goes to show you that you don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts to have such a wedding. Have the most important people by your side and the one you love-that’s what matters. I also love it when men get emotional-saw a man early on wiping tears, realized later that was her Dad. 🙂

  5. Kaytie Buckhalt

    Awwwwww I love it!!! I wish we had thought to do this! We wanted to elope, but my mom flipped out. lol. This would have been a nice compromise. 😉

  6. I’m tearful right now. I never comment on videos but I had to on this one. This so was unique and simple. I loved everything from the proposal to the wedding ceremony. I can just feel the love between you guys. Thanks for sharing. Many blessings xoxox

  7. Laura Armand

    What a truly amazing day. You two will have a truly amazing life. Keep thinking outside of the box and everyday will be like this day. The love you share is awesome.

  8. Rej Talagtag

    I’ve been watching lavish and extravagant wedding videos for half an hour now and by far, this is the most touching one for me.

  9. June 29,2017,5 years my wife and I married.She let me be the man I am and can become.we are doi g it together on our terms.Together we planned,paid for,and did our wedding.And we are living our life together,like these two good people.We wish them a great,loving life together!

  10. Diamond Rose

    And to everyone saying it was wrong of them to have their families set everything up, I don’t know what your problem is. I bet every one of them was happy to do it while they got ready.

  11. Kristina Pike

    So they didn’t have anything set up already? The wedding guests had to do everything and wait that whole time? Nobody had other plans? I’m so confused.

  12. Becca and moonpie

    We have been married 43 years this December. I believe love lasts when it’s not about a big party. Love lasts when it is about two people taking the journey together. May God bless you both and your family.
    More young adults should know the meaning of "the big day".
    Always be kind to each other.

  13. Why are all these engagement videos about mormons or religious people in general, are Americans really that religious?! No hate, just wondering 😛

  14. small footprint

    Keepin it simple. I like that. Only problem would be letting people get comfortably fixed up the way they would for a wedding.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome moment with us. I wish you many years of love and beautiful discovery. Let your trying times bring you closer together and let the good times be plentiful.

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