This is how we revealed to our close friends and loved ones that we were engaged! This happened about a year ago, prior to we had the VLOG! Stay tuned for weekly videos every Thursday. Please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE or SUBSCRIBE, we’d truly appreciate it!




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Summer Breeze by Tobu
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From: Victor and Amy



  1. Kutlo Hæsel Sebeso

    I’m literally crying in the office. wow guys no I wish you well in this new journey,such a belle thing.
    Hope my supervisor doesn’t catch me with these tears…

  2. tabitaeguangs

    I am very happy to see you both at this great point in your beautiful lives.Take care of each other and keep loving, never stop trusting. Now before I leave I have a word for all the black men who hate black women for wearing weaves.I hope you just saw what happened hahahahahaha. There are men and there are men.She got her self one .She is beautiful !! Yes ,keep talking about weaves.

  3. Taneshia Nicole

    You two are such a beautiful couple. I found your channel through my recommended section and I’m so glad I clicked on it. I’m over here crying like I know you guys personally. This was so beautiful to see. I’m working my way through your videos and I’m loving ever moment. Cheers to love. 🥂❤

  4. Brianna Terese

    By the formality of all this and the white dress I thought this looked like a wedding reception! I was confused lol!!

  5. Aww, Amy and Victor, you made me cry, Victor, Please I Hope you will love and look after Amy well, Amy as an African mum myself, I know you will give more love, affection , caring and humility to Victor, let him see how God made African women special 😍😍😍💕❤️💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😘😘😘

  6. ATrueLove,com

    Such a sweet message i can see that victor really loves amy and their family is so happy! So happy for both of you, keep the love burning.

  7. I swear this is my favorite video ever this is what I like to see in the world Diversity you guys are so happy and I’m so happy because you guys are happy lol you guys are the cutest!

  8. Leslie Moore

    This is my first time seeing a video of you two. It’s absolutely beautiful! I just subbed, all the best to you both!

  9. Margie Johnson

    Just coming across your channel. Wow! You can sang chile! Best Engagement Party I’ve seen. Love the Goodwill amongst the Fams. Blessings from Tennessee USA…

  10. Varonica Bryant

    Hello you two, Victor and Amy. My parents met and got married a few months afterwards 3 months to be exact. She was 17 AND he was 23 years old, AND they celebrated 60 years together before my father passed in 2010. I’m just hear to say that young LOVE can survive for more than just a few years…just keep LOVE at the helm. Because tuff times are coming. The waves of life will not always be smooth, but, you two can make it. All things good and bad come to Pass. Let them pass and keep loving each other through it all. Keep love at the helm. Stay each other’s best in all things. Remember when the ruff and tuff times come, they will pass.

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