Extremely Creative Surprise Marriage Proposal

Armed with all the video cameras I personal (strategically hidden of course) I set out to ask my one particular accurate enjoy a extremely easy but crucial question. Here is how it went down…..

From: golfpro12



  1. Paul Bonnett

    the difference between this girl and others i have watched on these proposal videos is she looked to him rather than the stone he gave her – means, for me, that she is genuine in her love for him

  2. Firstpo jkh

    You know i was gonna make a epic proposal for my ex gf . till she broke my heart, turned selfish and i miss her everyday 🙁 But oh well , i’m done with love and being nice guy . Its all about hookers now. 

  3. at this very moment. someone, somewhere.. is planning on doing something epic on his proposal. wish you luck whoever you are!

  4. vijay kumar

    Beautiful! Introvert way of proposal jajajaja!!! Its beautiful and more surprise if there is lots of friends and family!!! wov all the best beautiful souls!!!! 😉

  5. It was so romantic and i was suprised when he got down on one knee and just straight out asked her to marry him, it was so sweet.

  6. Suzannah Kaye

    Simple and sweet but I was suprised when he just got down on one knee and just straight out asked will u marry me and didn’t do alittle speech beforehand

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