Princess Eugenie’s Engagement Ring & What Tiara She & Meghan Markle May Put on For Their Wedding Day

In this video we will be taking a appear at the official Royal wedding engagement announcement of HRH Princess Eugenie of York and Mr. Jack Brooksbank. Take a closer appear at Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring and think about which tiara she and Meghan Markle might wear on their wedding days.

From: Royal Reviewer



  1. viperess2092002

    All the rings are beautiful I love Kate’s eugenie’s and Pippa but I love Meghan’s more only because it was designed with his mother in mind!

  2. Nan Paturzo

    I always like colored stones best. First Catherine’s/Diana’s, then Eugenie’s. I hope Meghan wears the Teck tiara.

  3. nanajodi201

    i love the Cartier halo – so petite, yet classic- though I suppose it’s, as you say, not likely that Eugenie will choose the same tiara Catherine wore. I hope this is not due to "the feud" they supposedly have between them, but because she would want to wear something different. It is not a competition, I hope, but just a desire to be your own person on Eugenie’s part. After all William and Harry get a lot of the press, while Beatrice and Eugenie kind of get the "leftovers" so to speak. Too bad that everyone feels the need to compare them. they are both beautiful women and as much the Queen’s grandchildren as the the two Princes.

  4. Black Trash Meghan Trollop must be seething and writhing in envy! Sorry guttersnipe, you were born TRASH.
    Princess Eugenie is marrying into aristocracy . Good for them.

  5. Jane Gilmore

    I love Megan’s ring. A lot of thought from Harry was in the making of it. I love Eugenies ring as well and hope she wears her families crown. I think both girls will wear it. Who knows Sarah might get a second chance at wearing it lol

  6. Took the chap a long time to propose to the Princess Eugenie , did he have to save up for the ring ; hope they will have a long and happy marriage ; they both look very natural ; unlike another couple which I prefer not to comment on .

  7. Sandra Hygienist

    Meghan’s ring wins! In the US, you seldom see colored stones in engagement rings. The colored stone rings appear to be more of a dinner ring.

  8. theonlymeaning

    Not a fan of Sarah’s daughters, perhaps I will change my feelings if they show themselves to be kinder and more welcoming to Kate and Meghan….I’ve read things they have been reported to have said and/or done re: Meghan and they looked like clowns at Williams wedding, over here it seemed as if they were putting on a garish show . Perhaps because of the ir mother not having been invited to the wedding.
    Regarding the rings: Diana’s ring is for the history books, amazing and the inspiration of countless copies. Meghan’s ring is classic and understated even with the center stone .My favorite is Pippa’s art deco ring. Meghan’s a close second.

  9. Sharon Kaley

    Eugenie isn’t too bad looking but that sister……….. WOW. She needs to be a princess to be able to get a date!!

  10. Harry did a great job with a simple yet gorgeous ring. I’m calling it now…Meghan is wearing the Strathmore Rose tiara. She is not one to wear something over stated. If she wears a simple and elegant gown, that would look most beautiful and feminine on her.

  11. ophelia dikki

    I’m a member of several royal jewels forums. We had similar discussions prior to Kate’s wedding in 2011. From memory when it came to the Strathmore apparently it is to fragile to be used (though if that is the case why haven’t they repaired it).

  12. Virginia Harrison

    STOP BRAGGING about these rings & tiaras when people r starving in this world!👇GET ur priorities straight u British Monarch Money Grubbers!

  13. Kelliebelle44

    I love Eugenie’s the most and it looks like I am not alone. I am happy for her as she and her sister seem to get pushed to the side. It must be hard to live in a family with an official hierarchy where her cousins are "more important" and are the faces of the royal family, with William to be King. I know it’s not a competition, they’re all beautiful, but I think it’s wonderful her ring is so lovely and holds it’s own amongst the others. I always felt like Fergie was treated like an outcast and her girls are kind of off to the side and people criticize their looks or fashion sense. It’s nice for Eugenie to have a ring that is amazing. She is looking very pretty and her fiancé seems like a good man.

  14. Hope she wanted that ring. I wouldn’t. I really hope she likes it! I’d choose Diana’s ring! Pippa’s ring second.

  15. Robin Addis-Vaughn

    I hate Eugenie’s ring. It looks like the diamonds are competing against the center stone, the rarest Safire. Diana’s ring, the diamonds compliment the center stone. Pippa’s is very pretty, but if given the choice, I would want Meghan’s. It’s simple but classy. If Eugenie’s were in a better setting, less or smaller diamonds, I might like it more. But, the diamonds distract from putting full attention on the sapphire.

  16. Elaine Robinson

    I like Megans ring. Harry designed it and has sentimental value for him. I like the Duchesss of Cambridges ring due to the fact that it once was Diannes. Eugenies is very pretty too. I’m a fan of sapphires. And I like the Strethmire Tierra for Megan. It’s beautiful and extremely elegant. Eugenie and Megan will make pretty brides.

  17. Sherrill Smith

    Princess Eugenie’s ring is a stunner! I have never liked diamonds by themselves and this one ring is enhanced by all the stones. It is the loveliest I have seen so far, even though Princess Diane’s with always be my favorite because it was hers, and she had such an impact on some many of our lives.

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