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Prime 10 WORST Marriage Proposal Fails!

Welcome to Top10Archive! Adore is in the air, and when individuals are in love, they can do some pretty ridiculous factors. Case and point, these ten marriage proposals, which teeter from fully thoughtless to absolute disasters! Positive, a few of these may possibly have worked, but prospective suiters take note – most females probably wouldn’t want to don’t forget these proposals.

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10. Marriage Burger
9. Pepperoni and Enjoy
eight. Church’s Chicken
7. Check “Yes” or “No”
6. Road Sign Proposal
five. Food Court Fail
four. The Bloomin’ Proposal
three. An Unfunny Proposal
two. Reside Television Rejection
1. Suicidal Proposal

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  1. Erin Fitzpatrick

    Omg when the two couples kissed when they were in the restaurant I couldn’t believe my eyes that’s Johnny pepperoni’s I live right across the street it 😃

  2. Space unicorn

    So this was on a Friday my friend Ivan were in class and I asked him to tell me who he liked bc it was his first crush, he said Tori.. I thought we liked me..I was sad in the inside and happy in the outside I took a deep breath and said to myself that I should be happy for him 🙂 that happened on April 7th 2017

  3. Top 10 Archive

    Name a color that starts with the letter "B", an animal that stars with the letter "D", and a country that starts with the letter "S". What did you get?

  4. Jaiden Campbell

    If I were to purpose I would say I am breaking up with you and pause for a couple of seconds, then say i am breaking up with you to marry me

  5. Krümel Monster

    my bf proposed to me in my bed, when i was almost sleeping. he didnt get on his knees, he didnt even ask if i wanna marry him. i didnt even realize at first he asked me. the best thing is that it was new years eve and he couldve done it under the fireworks, he couldve been so creative… but nooo … i cried afterwards but didnt tell him.. i wish that didnt happen… 🙁

  6. I just wanna let people know that if the other person says "no", it usually doesn’t mean that your relationship is over (unless your big ego can’t handle the failfeels.)
    My dad proposed about 3-4 times, my mom declined each time, untill one day she said yes. They are still happily married now. Give each other time and space, even if you feel that 5 years in enough, that doesn’t mean the other person feels the same.

  7. Madyson Lockett

    Rain drop
    Drop top
    Get my comment to the top top

    If you don’t I’ll hit you with my moms flip flops😂😂😂😂

  8. conan debomber

    i thought that by now i will be married with a beautiful wife and probably two kids,but look at" me i clocked 30 last month no wife,kid,friends and very broke.i guess i wasted my life away. now am just living day by day waiting for the day God will call me to be judge for the sins i committed.

  9. I dont mind silly proposals, but when they say no it just…its so awkward
    I do hope tho, if I end up with a guy I wanna marry, his proposal won’t be as bad as some of the ones in this video 😐
    Though the fact you said there was more then one suicide proposal…..what

  10. Unicorn Fartz

    My sister said the most funny but worst proposal ever which was……. A man wearing a wedding dress with a diamond ring on his left ring finger singing get ready….

    Single ladies! XD I died when I heard that! XDDDDD

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