Best 10 WEDDING Arranging Ideas Every single BRIDE Needs TO KNOW!

These are my best wedding organizing tips that each couple want to get started on their wedding arranging journey. Every little thing from setting the right wedding date and venue to picking a wedding dress is covered. If there is anything you feel was not covered please comment down under

Wura Manola

From: Wura Manola



  1. Amy Armstrong

    Thank you! Watching this video made me realize that I am the right track in planning my wedding! Thank you! Yesterday we went to our venue to check it out, only to find out that they double booked our wedding day with another person’s event! We really want the venue, so we booked another day, changed our wedding day, and working with the photographer and DJ we have reserved to change our date! So frustrating…

  2. Anais Mashini

    Hello ! I really loved your video, really useful ! One question: where can I find bridesmaids dresses so they can SLAYY ? Living in Belgium, it’s really hard to find. But I plan to go to the UK to do some bridal shopping. Any shop to recommend ?

  3. Jessica Traynor

    I’m planning my wedding on my own without my partner as he’s in the army. We agreed on a theme which is Harry Potter as we are mad on Harry Potter, we met at a Harry Potter book launch.

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