Leading 10 Most Pricey Wedding Dresses In The Globe

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Prime ten Most Costly Celebrity Wedding Dresses:
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In this video we’ll attempt to answer the following queries:
What is the most expensive wedding dress in the world?
How significantly does the most high-priced wedding dress price?
What is the price tag for the world’s most expensive dress?
Who had the most pricey dress at the wedding?
What is the costliest wedding dress?
What is the most pricey diamond wedding dress?
How a lot was Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
What is the most expensive wedding?
How a lot need to you invest on the wedding dress?

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  1. Think someone needs to do a bit more research on prices, Lady Diana’s dress cost 1000 guineas and used the old rate of £1 and 1 shilling so cost just over £1000

  2. Hey Aluxers, how much should one spend on a wedding dress?
    Most expensive wedding venues:
    Most expensive engagement rings:
    Most expensive celebrity wedding dresses:
    Most expensive wedding cakes:
    Most expensive parties ever:
    Most expensive champagne:

  3. Ayenate' Lawson

    Umm if any of y’all want to become billionaires… Dont waste your money on bullshit. I.e. a dress that you will wear once thar could be made way cheaper.

  4. Jacqueline Molloy

    What a waste of money. Shouldn’t be getting married if all They are bothered about os the dress. I hope the divorce is just as expensive.

  5. TheAn1meGirl 2000

    Wedding dresses I won’t mind wearing if I can wear and afford it ;
    8. Amal Clooney’s gown
    7. Kate MIddleton’s gown
    6. Victoria Swarovski’s gown
    5. the Peacock Dress
    4. Dashana’s gown
    3. Angelababy’s Dress
    2. Yumi Katsura’s gown
    1. The Diamond Dress

  6. Lena Abramyan

    If I had a million to spare??? Well, for sure I would not waste it on a wedding dress that I would wear once in my life time!!!! It’s probably different for people who have known some level of poverty – they value money more than those that have never know the "need" or financial struggles. Some of these dresses are too much and the glam/value blocks out the simplicity, purity and beauty.

  7. AHILA.M Ahil

    1 dress =1000 marriage cost in my country …and these are not as much great in look wise … maybe because of the person who own these dresses are celebraties … love is the only precious thing in wedding …its not about how much the dresses and how grand that was.

  8. Lamees Ahmad

    I think Princess Diana’ dress was horrible. It detracted from her own beauty and did her no favour. Duchess Sarah Ferguson’s dress was in my mind stunning and she added a lot of personal touches which were both romantic and beautiful. Victoria Swarovski’s wedding dress was beautiful a real show stopper. As for the others they were very per say despite their outrageous price. But I must say the Peacock Dress by Vera Wang is amazing but you would have to be sure it suited your skin tone and colour. A dress for a Chinese Empress.

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