Prime ten Celebrity Wedding Dresses

On their big day, these ladies really dressed to impress! Welcome to MsMojo and right now we’ll be counting down our picks for the leading ten celebrity wedding dresses! Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►►

For this list, we’ve ranked the most fashionable, glamorous and most memorable celebrity wedding dresses in history.

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  1. I think this list was based more on the celebrity, instead of the actual dress. Because aside from Kate and Portia’s most of these weren’t great. Plenty of lower status celebrities had way better dresses.

  2. Natasha Chiware

    To my ugly ex that won’t leave me alone Look at my new boyfriend miri I’m married to him and I’m having a baby with him…loads of kids on the way!

  3. Abigail Ryan

    I love both Portia De Rossi and Aubrey Hepburn’s dresses. One of my favorite’s though is singer Juliet Simms’s wedding dress, when she married Andy Biersack, she looked like a princess.

  4. Margarita Bambach

    How could you not talk about diana’s wedding dreeeeess??!??? It was flawles and that was the wedding of the century, so what the hell are talkimg about when you’re sayng that kate’s dress was better than diana’s.

  5. Bonnie Oles

    I would not have put Kim Kardashian’s dress in this video. I do not like it at all. I would rate it – Failure! Horrible.

  6. This is bad… Grace Kelly should be #1..!!! Where is Pricess Diana, she should be at least #2..!!! What happen to you guys..!!!

  7. The stupid Talko had Gwens dress on their top ten worst dresses…as the video went on though, it became clear theTalko are idiots who hate any other colour than white for a wedding gown. 18th century much.

  8. Lady Diane’s dress is by far one of the most iconic and beautiful gowns. Should at least be no. 2 or 1 and it’s not even in the honorable mentions. How dissapointing

  9. Anke Reinermann

    wedding is not cat walk, there is no place for a sexy outfit! You can wear it every day of your life, not at this special day of love.

  10. Anita Blount

    kate middleton was #1? why tho when diana’s never made the list? ridiculous. kate dress was not all that & veil was bad & bouquet could have been much better.

  11. bluedance lilly

    Of these, I only liked Kate Middleton’s, Princess Grace’s and Elizabeth Taylor’s.  All the rest weren’t good and some were absolutely terrible.

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