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Cost Saving Ideas For Your Wedding! | Wedding Prepared | hayleypaige

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From: Hayley Paige



  1. I totally lucked out with my wedding, it’ll be april 15th 2017. My venue was brand new when I toured it, so they gave it to me all day for 1200, it is a business center. It was cheap so they could get customers. I swear places with just the name "wedding" goes up times 5. My dress was 1200 originally but it was second hand and i got it for 450! I definitely will look into those flowers!

  2. Reaghan Blake

    Thank you SO much these are the best tips I’ve received for sure! I’ve been so stressed about the cost of things and this has helped so much!

  3. Emily Parris

    Loved these tips! I never thought about checking AirBnB! Such a good idea! There are so many "mansions" and plantations here in Ohio that are probably on there. Literally all of these tips were SOOOO on point + your vision is exactly what I want for my wedding.

  4. I am planning my wedding and this is seriously the best video and I am so thankful I found it! Thank you for these amazing tips!! This is going to saving me so much money! 🙂

  5. The Dream Wedding Store

    OMG! This video is so beautiful! We help make celebrations like this even more magical (without spending a fortune)! Click here to find out more…

  6. The Acorn People

    Oh my goodness! This is the best wedding planning video I’ve seen. DIY may take more time, but it makes you so much more conscious of the money you’re spending instead of just getting frustrated and paying someone to take care of it. I feel like that’s how a lot of people go way over budget. Great ideas! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series and how your wedding turned out!

  7. Emillie Dombrowski

    As an engaged florist, this hurts my heart. I’m so sorry you couldn’t find florists to work in your budget. Floral work is hard tedious work!!!

  8. Wonderful World Of Adeline

    this is the first video I’ve seen of yours. and you’ve already got a subscription from me. good job

  9. This was incredibly helpful! lots of mentions of great sites, tons of ideas i hadn’t thought of, and overall enjoyable to watch. Will definitely start my binge of the playlist after this 🙂

  10. Katie Brown

    A friend of mine got her flowers from Costco and she absolutely loved them. Super cheap, and she just had a few people the day of the wedding put them in vases while she was getting ready. It worked out really well!

  11. Samantha Petrie

    Actually it’s not sketchy. I’m not going to lie. I’m getting married in the summer and I’m going my own flowers and I’m getting my flowers from Whole Foods. I’m not a florist but do like arranging flowers and so I’m doing the bulk loose flowers. And my bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages I did myself using Eco flowers… granted the look I’m going for is more Victorian penny dreadful but Eco flowers are great non real flowers that don’t look cheesy. And I could make them months in advanced

  12. Gabriela Gutierrez

    I have looked at a couple of youtube videos to start planning my wedding and honestly yours was the most helpful! You gave me so many wonderful ideas!

  13. I never thought of this! Meeting for drinks the night before is perfect since I’m having a small wedding too. Great tips! =)

  14. Hi Hayley, I am planning my wedding for next year and am using the website you suggested for renting houses but I cannot filter for places to show for a large number of guests. I only get "16 Guests". How did you do it to find house that is big enough for a larger number of people?

  15. Wow great tips!! I never would of thought of Costco to buy flowers. But now I am definitely going to look into it. Your wedding sounds like it is going to be stunning!! By the way.. your make up looks amazing in this video!

  16. Irene Nevarez

    Hayley ! I’m getting married next year and just like yours it’s very intimate and on a budget! What was the website you did your save the dates on?

  17. Olivia Garcia

    this video has savvveedddddddddddd my budget I swear I am so grateful for this video I am literally about to cry!

  18. Shari Russell

    This video was SUUUUUUPER helpful!!… How long before the date did you order your flowers and how did you keep them fresh for the day of? Or if anybody else knows let me know!

  19. Vegas Weddings Planner

    Hi Hayley, great video & great content! I am a Las Vegas wedding planner, not a big "youtuber" but starting my channel to advise brides on wedding planning. Would be happy for you and everyone who sees this post to subscribe! I am starting posting wedding planning videos in January of 2018! =)

  20. JazzmineRaja

    You ideas of flowers are great! We have very similar flower needs. How did you flowers turn out?? Where did you get them from??

  21. Jessica Krist

    I just watched your wedding vlog and I’m totally inspired to create my own floral arrangements! It always seemed so daunting! I’ve heard about Costco being a good option for budget friendly flowers so I’m relieved to see other positive reviews.

  22. Sarah Tesney

    I just got engaged and i am so excited to start looking for flowers. I work as a floral designer so i will defiantly be doing alot of the flowers myself and with my co workers. In my personal opinion, it is pointless for someone with a more simple wedding to pay a lot of money to get someone to design the flowers, BUT i do believe that when it comes to larger arrangements, centerpieces, and the bridal bouquet, that you should let a designer make them just because those are the more challenging arrangements. Just make sure that if you use hydrangeas that you keep them in water when you are not holding them during your wedding because they will wilt so fast when they are not hydrated. My friend learned that the hard way at her wedding. ALSO all rose bouquets are a PAIN IN THE ASS to work with haha so try to steer clear of those. IF you have any questions about your arrangements and flowers please contact me!! I will defiantly be happy to help! Email me at

  23. Lauren Loves Laughter

    Great tips as always Hayley! Your wedding sounds like it will be so lovely! My fiancé and I would love to have a more intimate wedding, but we realized that’s just not going to be possible so it’s looking like there will be around 120-130 guests! I was so torn about whether we should just decide to elope, but we realized we really want the important people there on our day! Your videos have actually been so helpful for ideas (I was checking out minted the other day and I’ll definitely be using them when it’s time to send out save the dates) thanks for making them! Xx goodluck with the rest of your planning!

  24. Laura Harro

    I’m a new subscriber and planning my wedding. I’m so impressed with the quality and content of your videos! Thank you for sharing!

  25. Jessica Boudinot

    I just started planning my wedding and out of all the wedding series videos I’ve watched, yours have definitely been the most helpful! I’ve literally binged watched them all day.

  26. Sasha Luinstra

    So helpful! Thank you for making this video. I am getting married in summer of 2018 and am horrified by how much everything costs. Even if you have the money… do you really want to spend it all in one night?! No way! Congrats to you and your man

  27. Bordeaux Rose

    I got so lucky, I found a local florist that is doing all the wedding party flowers, flower girl corsage and 6 small floral arrangements for just under $500!

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