Welcome to my suggestions and tricks video all about wedding arranging and organisation! If you are arranging a wedding and don’t know exactly where to start these are a handful of pointers I’ve learnt along the way 🙂 I hope they aid!

Let me know if you located it useful..I do ramble as usually in this video so please excuse that!

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From: Ally Valentine



  1. Shannon Hultgren

    I find you could have all the money in the world and still struggle with your budget. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 10k budget or 100k, your needs increase with your budget. Definitely have been reigning myself in recently ahaha. It’s tough! We have similar themes! So excited to see how yours turns out as you’re marriage 3 months before me woooo 😍

  2. It is so strange to hear a native French speaker say that she is in love with Marie Antoinette. Not dissing, each to their own. I just found it interesting is all. 😀

  3. Maybe if you stop buying designers bags haha then u could have spent more on the wedding saying that I love my designer bags shoes etc 💗

  4. Elizabeth Tsintsadze

    Aww I love the idea of the style for your wedding. Actually always thought you had this modernised French rococo style somehow, with all the pretty pastels colours etc…Anyway, best of luck with the big day 🙂

  5. I always thought the bridesmaids dresses should be purchased by the bride but every time i was a bridesmaid (around 10 times) i had to get the dress myself =( I love the idea of picking a color and fabric and then letting the girls pick their own style so it won’t end up being just a one time dress.

  6. Is it a custom in the US for the bride to buy her bridesmaid’s wedding dresses? I’ve been in 2 weddings and both times had to buy my dress.. was it just those brides? lol

  7. FightingFifty17

    In the U.S. we as bridesmaids buy our own dresses. I’ve been a maid of honor three times and a bridesmaid countless times and always had to purchase my own dress and matching shoes.

  8. My wedding was very budget, had a lot of bumps on the road but was an amazing day – wouldn’t change it for the world. Would recommend eating in the morning properly though! The first toast had me a bit tipsy!
    Your ideas definitely will bend and change the further along your plans go but ideas and Pinterest are GOLD!!

  9. whatlauraloves

    Great tips Ally, I’m so excited for you. I got married last year and loved every minute of it. Had the wedding of our dreams and wouldn’t change any minute of it xxxx

  10. Love all the advice!  sounds like you guys are on track and you found a few things to de-stress…. Looking forward to any of your wedding videos!

  11. these are some great tips! loved your advice about remembering to enjoy & have fun, as wedding planning can be stressful. thanks!

  12. Hallah Albayati

    Definitely agree on keeping things private. My wedding is in about 7 months and I’ve found that every time I shared a detail, I received so much criticism and hardly any positive feedback. People these days only want the best for them and you can’t afford to let their negativity ruin your special day.

  13. KrissAstronomist

    I agree that a wedding is already the most wonderful day itself and anything extra is just icing on the cake! :))) You look sooo happy, that’s amazing! :)))) Enjoy the planning part as well… 😉 ♥

  14. TiffanyPolaris

    I think u have such useful advices and tips for couples who are planning for their special day. And wish you best of luck and enjoy every second of it! xx

  15. Finding Tori

    The best advice I was given was to try every style of wedding dress on! I went for the complete opposite of what I was expecting. I thought I knew what I wanted but actually that style didn’t suit me at all! X

  16. Great tips!! I’m getting married May 22nd!! I’m having man of honor n my 3 Little cousins as junior bridesmaids! A guy and 3 Little girls are a lot cheaper to dress!! No makeup for the girls but they are getting there hair done and mini versions of my bouquet. Outfits were $55 each! Defnintly saved me alot!

  17. Glynis Phillips

    thank you very much sweetie randomly click on this and actually get most of the tips I need thank you and good luck on your big day

  18. Ekaterina Statkevich

    Love the theme of your wedding! Ours is 1950s-1960s – sort of Dior "New Look" mood…
    ….and, yes, our wedding is in TWO DAYS!!!!! O.o

  19. omg youre so right people have opinions lol i am def gonna stop from now on too haha… we get married in july this year things are moving quickly now eek excited.

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