Our Wedding Recap: Total Cost, What We Would Have Changed, Our Ideas

See under for a spending budget breakdown:)

My dress in this video:

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Total Cost Estimate/Breakdown: 48 men and women (like pastor, photographer, servers/helpers)

**I’m possibly leaving out some stuff, but this is my best estimate!:) Hope it assists you get a much better idea!

Venue: $2200
Servers/helpers: $1000
Dress: $1400
Shoes: $250
Music: $one hundred
Headpiece c/o: $200
Veil c/o: $100
Doug’s Suit: $180
Flowers: $550
Cake: $180
Wedding Bands: $800
Makeup: $one hundred
Random Accessories(My Robe, Garter, and so on.): $one hundred
Meals: $3000
Favors: $one hundred
Decor (bar sign, vases, flower tape/pins, etc.): $500
Invites/save the dates (by way of $160
Dress Hemming/Placing in corset: $200
Doug’s Suit Hemming: $40
Groomsman Gifts: $80
Bridesmaid Gifts: $300
Pastor: $400
Photographer: $3300
Parents/In-Law Gifts: $300
Hotel lodging: $250


From: Hayley Paige



  1. Katie Eklund

    Could you please tell me what sound system or karaoke system you bought? I am looking on Amazon to buy one, we are having probably about 40-50 people and I want to make sure I get a loud enough system! Thanks 🙂

  2. Lisa Walker

    Hey guys, Ive been following you for a couple of years and love watching your videos, I am now rewatching your wedding series! we are doing Spotify for most of the wedding except for the dancing after dinner we have a DJ, I was just wondering with the Spotify premium can you play it while your phone is on flight mode? Im just worried about the phone we are using running out of battery as there may not be a power jack for a charger, thanks in advance! PS Annabelle is such a cutie and you’re both doing an amazing job xx

  3. Just for a funny moment: if you look at the reflection of the mirror behind Doug it looks like abstract art as if it’s another person. The flowers are the head then Doug’s body is the jacket of a person! Lol Love this video and thanks for the tips!

  4. Helen Sagar

    Hayley I am a subbie and have just found your wedding video and the discussion about the wedding with Doug, I really think you two are amazing, I am so glad I found you and Annabelle is beautiful. X

  5. Jessica McManus

    The same thing happened at my wedding with the first dance! My dress was so big and my husband kept stepping on my dress. So it goes… It’s worth it to wear a beautiful princess dress!

  6. Alexandra Leigh

    Im very curious as to how many hours were collectively put into your wedding flowers, driving to the market, buying, prep, clean up, delivery and set up?

  7. keepinitreal

    idk how you did that, doing everything yourself, you’re amazing for that. I honestly rather pay than have the headache and stress of doing things myself.

  8. you guys are so sweet! That’s a really nice breakdown of your cost for people who are looking to get married with a similar budget

  9. Ashlyn Silva

    Thank you so much for making this video! Can you PLEASE make a video like this for your baby shower? I’m pregnant and that would be incredibly helpful because I’m stressing on it. XO

  10. Brad & Tiff Morgan

    You didn’t cry because he did! It happens to me whenever a boyfriend has cried. I think we get motherly and subconsciously feel like you have to be their strength 😉

  11. Marlene Sanchez

    Did you guys have any issues with the Rent the Runway bridesmaids ? Ive heard horror stories and I was planning on using them.

  12. Sara Mitchell

    We spent under 10k on our wedding and 7 years later people still talk about it! We had a lot of fun and our personalities definitely came out through the whole thing. It was a blast. The cost of the wedding definitely doesn’t define the marriage and the event.

  13. Jessica McManus

    I did my bouquets with the help of my mom, aunt, and MOH. We had about 70 people. Then I doubled the girls bouquets to be the centerpieces after the ceremony!

  14. Perla Aguilar

    Okay, PLEASE! Hayley can you make a video for DIY bridal bouquet & bridesmaids bouquet? Also how did the flowers hold up from SoCal to NorCal? I’m from NorCal & am getting married in Oct. I refuse to splurge money on flowers that are gonna die. Girl, I need your inspo hahah. I would love to see that video! God bless!

  15. mudmudcatmari

    I have 200 guests for my wedding so I kinda need a DJ/MC. What are your guy’s recommendations to save money on that.

  16. Alexa Smith

    this is almost EXACTLY like my wedding! we finally decided to do music ourselves as well for our May wedding, so I was wondering if you could share your Spotify playlists? is that possible? thank you and belated congrats!

  17. Daily Adulthood

    I hope we can honeymoon in a Japan! Do you have an tips on planning/saving a honeymoon especially for Japan? We are mostly eloping with our parents and siblings!

  18. Taylor Doupe

    It’s crazy that you had a great wedding on a budget and it was $15,000 for only 40 people! It’s hard to get it both ways! Kudos to you for keeping it small and nice!

  19. Adriana Hernandez

    Hi Hayley! I just came across your wedding planning journey videos and OMG could have not come at a better time! IThank you so so so so much for all the helpful information!

  20. Cintia Lanton

    I love your alternative to a dj. I am having an intimate wedding as well and I just don’t feel okay shelling out $500 for a DJ. Did anyone have to switch songs for you?

  21. Thank you for the video. Great ideas and tips. Your total price was shocking, after all the ways you tried saving and you had under 50 people. I’m looking at a lot more people, under 200. And that’s just family and really close friends.

  22. Merilora Duncan

    One of the groomsmen DJed for us as a gift. He had all the equipment and music. Another friend who was a photographer for a newspaper took all the pictures we provided the film. Plus guests took pictures too. My brother did a video. I made my flowers and favors. I also found great deals on gifts, flowers, cake. We did the table decorations mirrors and candles and the lady who did the few flowers and greenery put some on each table and on the cake. I would change a few things now that I know better. I t was a great time and people loved that we had appetizers and finger foods. 👰🏼🤵🏼

  23. Don’t marry and save $20,000. a kid costs like $100,000 from 0 to 20 years, jus use free porn like me bro, it’s free like youtube

  24. Jessica Hernandez

    Maybe this was already answered, but did you hear the speeches of your bridal party before hand? I can’t decide if I want to proof them or keep it a surprise. Lovely series, it is really helping me keep cool… 176 days to go for me!!

  25. Erin Stritzinger

    We bought the same system w microphone. Planning on using it at the beach for nuptials and at reception. Free beach, and $150 refundable deposit for reception venue at how clubhouse. Good for you all!! Looked lovely!

  26. Ebert Servellon

    $$$15,790!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for one day!!! wow You guys could have used that money for a house………kids… education…….retirement… the world….wow

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