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  1. Black Lives DO Matter!!!

    Are you kidding me? Who would want to watch this? There are channels that are dedicated to unboxing videos, and I definitely would watch unboxing vids done organically by you like this, like not in a set, and just watching your reaction to what you got. Megan Batoon does a lot of vids where she organically reacts to what she got, and then she talks about it. I watch that. They´re not just unboxing vids; but you´re like the one other half Filipino girl that I follow on Youtube, and yes, I´d watch the hell out of you unboxing shit, and like your reaction to it, and giving shit to customer service when the shit doesn´t work.

  2. Heather Gosewisch

    I didn’t get the stand mixer either! I was shocked since I always talked about getting one when we got engaged… So we got one with our Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards! 🙂

  3. $2 Bills are like.. "Double Singles"! And now I feel awkward about the ‘Double Stripper’ metaphor… let’s just move on…

  4. Ellexus Roman

    Hi please come to my wedding August 2018 PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE just subscribed today I love your videos and you guys are soooo funny and so cute!!! Please see this comment and remember me I’ll send you an invitation!

  5. Juliiieeexxx8

    I’d love to invite nikki to my wedding buuutttt I’m sending out invites now and she won’t open mail for a few months. 😂

  6. Ashley Phillips

    Nikki and Steve I’m getting married on August 26th you two are totally invited!!!! It’s in Indiana. You just said you’d be there…. 🙂

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