My Expertise/Ideas Wedding Dress Shopping!

Hey guys!!
This video is all about my tips and knowledge wedding dress buying for my wedding next year! I speak about my encounter at Kleinfeld’s, Jealous Bridesmaid and Sash and Bustle in Toronto. Hope you guys enjoy!! 🙂

Thank you guys soooo much for watching!! It implies so a lot to me!!



Sash And Bustle

Hayley Paige Halo Dress

Kleinfeld’s site_refer=SEM+G+NTR&keyword_refer=%2Bkleinfeld&gclid=Cj0KEQjwwry8BRDjsbjMpPSDvagBEiQA5oW0nBfuPXP3z7wuJjUuKooGbWNIs_nIhEuUjHSeBNPHEOsaAs-e8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

Camera I use:

Makeup I’m Wearing
Face – Makeup Forever Utra HD
Eyes- Anastasia Modern day Renaissance
Lips – Bite Beauty Honey Comb

American Eagle

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My favourite skincare

From: Anna-Rae Leslie



  1. Sara Carter

    It’s a fairly simply alteration to add lace or sheer sleeves to a dress that has straps. Or, you can have someone make you a simple bolero jacket to go over a strapless dress. That way you can have 2 looks- sleeves for the ceremony and then take it off for the reception.

  2. Shannon Williams

    I’m getting married soon and I’m currently looking for a long sleeved wedding dress. And you’re so right about being hard to find. I stumbled upon your video and I’m so grateful that I did. I live in Toronto and it’s so hard to find videos dedicated to Canadian brides, let alone Toronto. So thank you for making this! I hope the rest of your wedding planning goes smoothly.

  3. Art.4.Love.

    Thank you so much for your fantastic helpful video. I’m going for the first time to try in dresses today in a few hours and I thought it was very smart to take video for the movement etc. great idea. good luck! thank you again.

  4. The Donuteater Gaming 300

    Oh come on people.just pick a fucking white dress and thats it…why pick something over the top when youre just going to wear it like one day and then it will get dusty and forgotten…
    Omg people these days are to serious about just a fucking wedding..
    Its ok if you are everyone is different just saying my own opinion.
    But overall those dresses are beyond beautiful.

  5. Andrea Mulvihill

    Aw, I had no idea you were already dress shopping! I hope you guys all had so much fun, it’s always such a neat experience, even if you don’t find what you want right away. The halo dress looked stunning! xo

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