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Murdered on Honeymoon, tells the story of the brutal murder of newly wed bride Anni Dewani even though on honeymoon in Cape Town in November 2010. The documentary appears at what happened on that fateful night. It follows the case, mapping out the events that took place top to a young and beautiful bride being murdered. Against the backdrop of this crime story, the film requires an intimate look at a family in mourning more than the loss of a daughter, described as the “heart of the family members.”

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  1. Maricela Huidor Figueroa

    This story is so heart breaking. The look of the eyes of her parents, brother, sister, etc broke my heart. You can still see the pain.

  2. elizabeth sheffield

    31:21…Anni is not looking at her husband in a loving way – more like a scared look. She probably was finding out that he wasn’t all he pretended to be. Such a tragic waste of a lovely girl’s life and for just a tremendous waste of space coward of a man.

  3. What a dirt bag. Had I been lucky enough to have her as my wife I would treat her like a queen and would have laid my life down before any harm could reach her. Such a beautiful and good family girl gone for nothing

  4. RIP Anni! This is too sad, may Allah bless her soul and punish that F**** guy with the most horrible thing in this world. I honestly don’t know how one can kill another human being! SAD

  5. Charlotte's Web

    Senseless violence and death against a beautiful person and her loving family. Why?? Why did you do this to them? They accepted and loved you as part of their Lovely family.
    My heart aches for her family and the future she’ll never have.

  6. What did they say the motive of the husband was? They weren’t legally married yet, so money wasn’t the issue. I mean, if you don’t like each other, don’t get married. Issues over.

  7. yasemin demiray

    If these men needed the money, then they should have just taken the money from the car and not kill her… What was her husband going to do?. Nothing… He can’t tell them in front of her “wait! You supposed to kill her for the money?”

  8. Catherine Murphy

    again, these poor people are motivated by POVERTY. the REAL DEVIL here is the husband. he’s the one that masterminded it and he gets away. this is beyond belief.

  9. Knew it was husband… way im rich im gonna leave that place til justice is done….immediately knew when they mentioned he flew back…smh

  10. Oh my… I couldn’t stop crying hearing and watching the pain of this family. A beautiful young life wasted unfairly. That thing( he’s not a man) deserves the worst of the worst. COWARD, P.O.S. My heart goes to Anni’s family.

  11. amil hussain

    May God give peace to Anni, May God give strength to his parents. I wish I could see what happens to his pathetic husband. He should be put to life in prison in Africa

  12. How is the husband not in jail ? He clearly chose Cape Town as honeymoon cause he knew he could hire a hit man for 5 bucks !!! He planned this all along !! They need to take this case further and put his evil soul in jail !!! My heart is soo heavy for Anni and her family. There family reminds me soo much like mine all close and loving. Hurts to see how emotionally destroyed the father is.

  13. elizabeth sheffield

    18:03 ……crumbs! "A 27-year-old unemployed YOUTH!". Wonder how old you’d have to be considered an ADULT then?

  14. why would this weasel ,he’s not even good looking by American or European standards, kill his beautiful wife? I feel awful her young vibrant life was taken away. My deepest condolence to the family .

  15. Linda Samuels

    Anni knew about him, this was propbably the reason she did not want to originally go through it. His family knew what their son was about and was very glad to get him married. And, unfortunately, did not want to share what she felt about her fiancee. Gut instinct, first instinct…go with it. So, dad her life was taken and all involved lives will never be the same. All the husband had to do was walk away. His sexuality was already known.

  16. Melanie Brown

    I dont understand his motive, his family had millions, if he didnt want her why marry her to begin with, it wasnt as though they were in the midst of divorce n she was trying to take his fortune. Must be an honor type killing, but in that case they usually want the victim to know this is why they are being killed, n none of the suspects mentioned that. Really bizarre circumstances,, just a senseless murder. Just cruel. Humans can be so cruel.

  17. Catherine Murphy

    How did the Ba#tar#d get away with this murder. he looked sooooooo smug & self-satisfied. no doubt, he’s back working for the company that rip off old people and pay health care assistant pea nuts.

  18. Iftekhar Khan

    O Priya, Priya, Kyon Bhoola Diya
    Bewafaa Yaa Berahum Kyaa Kahoo Tujhe Sanam
    Toone Dil Toda Hai, Bhool Kya Huyee Ye Bataa Jaa

    O Piya, Priya, Main Teri Priya
    Aasuon Ko Pee Gayee, Jaane Kaise Jee Gayee
    Kyaa Hain Meree Majabooree, Kaise Main Batau Hua Kya
    O Priya, Priya, Kyon Bhoola Diya

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