Marriage Proposal Fail Compilation | Girl Says No
Compilation of proposal rejection

From: Just Funny Videos



  1. HD Gemstones

    That dude at Jesus Jam… I got a very big vibe that he was a burden on her. She gave and gave to build him up, but he wasn’t able to give much in return. Didn’t seem to be an equal relationship by the way he was describing it.

  2. Chinese girls are brutal. First of all there are like 10 guys to one girl and they make their own money. So unless some guy comes up with something absolutely spectacular they can afford to pick and choose.

  3. Why embarrass a girl like that, this should be a private moment between you two not everyone staring and crap c’mon have some respect — that’s why she can say no. Stupid guys.

  4. Zzzonda Wolf

    The last one

    Man just got reheated be the love of his life and got hit in the head by a guitar YEH HE WILL BE OK A

    TO be honest she did tell him not to XD

  5. Jolene Long

    I think it’s perfectly fine to propose publicly but like how could you not know you SO was ready ? You surely talk about it and if you don’t then they aren’t it’s not difficult to read

  6. this is how stupid i think americans are because after 1 fucking year you gonna get married com on how stupid can you be you can tknow a girl after ONE fucking year bunch of retards

  7. Mike Anderson

    2 of them got on my nerves….

    1- the bitch who attacked the guy for proposing to her…seriously? At least say no or walk away or something my dignified. What makes you feel the need to assault the man for saying he loves you? Bitches like her are the reason some men are the way they are.

    2- the one who said no on stage then stormed off…..uh…he had the balls to do that in front of the entire room….she at least could’ve hugged him and whispered in his ear and stayed there a bit so he wasn’t so embarrassed in front of people.
    I say this because that happened years ago to a buddy of mine. He proposed to her on stage, in front of a ton of people. She hugged him. Whispered no in his ear. But, said "let’s just pretend it was a yes, for now, and the crowd will never know."

    Dignity. Respect.

  8. I think most of these "no"-s were the girls not wanting the attention they got from the audience, and thinking the boyfriend only wanted to use her to show the crowd how much of a gentleman he is. Honestly, I would hate it too if my partner would create a situation like this, no matter how I love him.

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