Man Turns Into ‘Bridezilla’ Preparing Engagement and Wedding for Exact same Day

A single woman is talking about the largest surprise of her life when she got engaged and married in the exact same day. Nicole Carfagna and her then-boyfriend, Danny Rios, have been arriving house when she saw some thing going on at their home. “When we turned the corner to the backyard, I saw a tent and our families,” she told Inside Edition about the December occasion. “He said from behind me, ‘you know how much I really like you, appropriate?’ and then it hit me, ‘oh my God we’re about to get engaged!’”

From: Inside Edition



  1. My mom have lupus and its not really a disease it’s an illness, yall care so much about Cancer but yall never hear a thing about Lupus, I don’t care what yall think but its really not fair for other illnesses to stay in the dark plus congratulations girl on your marriage

  2. Im Not a Muggle_ 340

    What if she said “no”, and he just had a spare wedding dress, two families, and wedding decor just stashed into his closet?

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