In this video I talk about my leading 12 wedding and engagement photography suggestions. Functioning with consumers, what to photograph and some other issues I’ve picked up!

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From: Jessica Kobeissi



  1. Hey Nice video! I also saw in Instagram that your going to be in LA. I’m actually visiting LA that same week/weekend. Hopefully I get to meet you bc you’re awesome! 😀

  2. Tanya Katkova

    Great tips. Thank you for sharing !
    Can I please ask you , how much time do you think a couple needs for a Photoshoot on a wedding day ?

  3. Taivo Aarna

    I love these tips….. Also…. When I shoot big groups of people I always say exacly when I take the photo and mention to keep your eyes open when I take the photo. With a big group theres always someone blinking but then they can rest their eyes till the moment i tell them 3 2 1 and took it and again 3 2 1 snap!!

  4. Jessica you look so sad in this video… We’re now on September, I hope you’re okay <3 thanks for your precious tips you’re the best.

  5. Great video, and thank you for not having an intro song at the beginning I think it makes your videos more enjoyable to watch.

  6. Always appreciate your detailed advice. A lot of times photographers will give generic advice like: "Be a go-getter!" But you actually take the time to say: "Help carry her dress or flowers. Get couple shots over detail shots." Etc.

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