JD Proposal (Jonathan & Derrick’s Engagement)

IG: @minjallen & @jr.derrick

six years ago, Jonathan and Derrick (JD) met at Grambling State University. Like most black gay males, they have battled societal normality that led to self-hate, fear, spiritual confrontation, and familial tensions. JD is a testament that relationships call for tough work, and enjoy does actually win! From preaching to combatting racism from graduate college and now law school: the two have been together by way of it all, showing the world that enjoy is growth and sacrifice.

One particular Really like.

From: Jonathan&Derrick Allen-Young



  1. Mildred Nakiyingi

    Why did God create such people with different lives and thinking it should be husband and wife not men to men

  2. Oh congrats guys! Ya’ll make a gorgeous couple. As a black gay man in a 5+ year relationship, please know it will not always be a fairy tale and things will get harder but tough it out, communicate, AND ALWAYS RESPECT EACH OTHER. I love my partner and life is definitely easier to go through it with someone by your side.

  3. Skinny Bones Jones

    From preaching to a gay "marriage"? What Bible were they preaching out of. Gods Word is simple and straightforward for all who seek understanding

  4. Sandra Enogie

    my problem is people are be deceived that God loves every body no matter your sexuality. it was suppose to be a man and a woman.

  5. Jimmy Moore

    Forget the negative JD and Derrick I support you and may the love you both have for each other continue to conquer and even after your wedding may the honeymoon still be full of love joy happiness because you both have a trust that cannot will not be broker I see it and feel it and Derrick I really have to say when the violinist came out you got weak as water JD knew it wasn’t just a photoshoot he wanted you and the whole wide world to know that you are his blessing his love and his god sent angel I’m crying with you and JD I praise god with you you found someone who looks out for you brings you happiness and most of all and above loves you deeply god bless you both Jimmy here in Alabama

  6. Fantastic View

    He can be your best friend but that doesn’t mean you have to marry him. This is not acceptable to God. He will Never accept or bless this union. This will be a man made union. Not a heavenly union. Pray before you do something like this and he will show you the truth.

  7. Martin Ford

    Ewwww Disgusting two hard back men. God will if you do not judge this generation you will have to apologize to sodom and Gomorrah

  8. Bill MacNeil

    That was outstanding guys. Such a true spiritual love you both have for each other. It comes right through the screen. I watched all of the videos posted on this event and the turnout is a strong indication to the viewer of how much you are loved. Many, many years of love and happiness I wish for you and PLEASE post your wedding video. I’m sure it will be amazing. Sending good thoughts and love to you both!!

  9. Jimmy Moore

    And the one with negative responses don’t hate cause the both of them found in each other real love and that person that treats them not only right but is loyal and royal and treated like a king some of you don’t even consists of doing right you get a good man and you dog them cheat on them and take from them and when they find someone that has special effect and treat them all the way right then you all get jealous and mad this one I going to say you don’t miss your water till the well goes dry and you don’t miss your baby till they say good bye so JD and Derrick I wish you much love life strength joy and happiness for now and years yet to come and everything you touch will turn gold and be a rich full blessing to you stay together love each other and keep god first and keep these haters out of your business and let NOTHING absolutely NOTHING come between you now and even after your wedding I love you both be blessed your fan and Alabama friend jimmy moore

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