I’m ENGAGED ! | What went wrong in the course of my engagement + suggestions for new brides !

Hello guys,

I just want to commence by saying grab yourself a cuppa because this is a long one, I generally do not sit down and speak to the camera simply because I appear awkward so please show me some adore on this video 🙂
Thank you for displaying so much enjoy on my instagram, I really appreciate it and let me know down in the comments if you want me to do a Q+A !

Disclaimer: in no ways I am I trying to bash anyone, I’m just expressing how I really feel and letting you guys know about my knowledge so you can keep away from getting in my predicament x


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  1. OMG!!! I wouldn’t trust anyone online as they there alot of people chat shit. Bless you though girl, you went through alot on one of your good days.

  2. islandgurlpurple

    it disappeared? nah fam… either they (the securities) stole it, one of their co-workers stole it or they don’t have a cctv and they’re lying

  3. Shanaz Salayi

    soooooo sorry to hear about all the stress you went through. i recently got engaged and i would’ve cried my eyes out if something went wrong 🙁

  4. I’m new to your channel and subcribed. I’m glad you got through your day in the end. I make cakes for a living and recommend getting the person to deliver your cake and set it up at the venue. Probably the cake wasn’t leveled properly and couldn’t handle the weight of the top tier. Anyway, next time get them to deliver it and believe me they will handle that cake with alot of care.

  5. Lara Phoenix

    OMG you poor thing!!! People are just so dishonest and really have NO idea what customer service is. You would think that would be a BASIC thing if you’re running a business. Let me tell you, I personally think you put your H Samuel bag down at the Primark till and that either another customer nicked it or a Primark staff person did – either way, the security guards would never admit they were NOT doing their job by avoiding this happening to you. After all, what the heck are they doing there if they can’t avoid a simple theft like that?? Anyway, thanks for sharing and wishing you all the best for your big wedding. Love from Rome 😘😘😘

  6. I’m suprised nobody chopped you up for the fake nails, lmao i couldn’t stand the stuck up people with the satin nails. lmaooo

  7. Always ask for ask for an itemized bill. And that is before you agree to anything. And have them sign it. If they promise you something in that itemized they have to fulfill it and if they don’t you can sue. Doesn’t help if it ruins your event but at least they have to pay up.

  8. Strong Black Man

    Imagine being new to this channel and trying to guess her ethnicity 😂, the skin color, accent, cloth and her head. It’s confusing as fuck.

  9. 93lookatmenow

    ayyy i also wore a sari for my wedding! it looked amazing and i didnt like my makeup either because they made me look really dark in the photos. My photos weren’t that great either. But my venue and catering were amazing as was my cake hamdulluiah. The advice I will give you to have a succesful wedding day is hard to hear, but don’t trust your friends. The things that happened to you sounds like the evil eye to me, so make sure you read your quaran and make istagfar to deter this. Your friends might be jealous of you so be sure to not tell everyone everything all the time or to share your plans before it happens. I didn’t tell people I was getting married until after I booked and prepared everything with my sister and mother all on my own. I didnt care for people to RSVP you either made it to the party or didn’t.

  10. LOL babes you forgot to mention you promised to pay the catering company money on the day and refused to pay when they asked for the payment on the day cos you didn’t have the money😂. Your a pathetic lying scum bag that’s doing this for views please get a life!!

  11. Congratulations! Wanted to ask if you could please do a video on how you decided what colour bride you wanted to be for your engagement and for your wedding. Also how did you know what colour theme you wanted. Thank you x

  12. Noir Mariposa

    I really enjoyed your video . I am considering starting a sweetheart table business. Last weekend I did my best friend’s baby shower ( I’ve done other events ) and she was able to walk in looking lovely . I looked a mess . But I really loved doing it . We had a similar snafu with the gourmet designed cookies . $70 dollars for 24 cookies in the wrong color and the baker didn’t even apologize.

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