Ideal airplane Marriage proposal. Engine failure

Scary must watch Airplane engine failure marriage proposal. Best Proposal with audio
Song justin Timberlake accurate colours

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  1. Anthony Bordignon

    Hey everyone,
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  2. Hey random person scrolling through the comments!

    I hope you have a great day!🙂
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  3. Zoltán Bereczki

    You instagram-generation just cannot behave naturally, you always think of how you should behave, what looks the best, which one of your profiles to turn to camera at a given moment – and you are so busy thinking about all these things that in the end the real feeling of "be there" just lost in the middle. The whole reaction of the girl is overacted as hell, and I think if you ever reach the level of honesty with yourselves in the future and think back, you gonna see how fake this moment was, and how much you lost when you youtubed one of the most INTIMATE moments of your lives that – I think – should have been kept for yourselves. If you did the same off camera, then it would be intimate and a memory that is only yours and you can play it back only in your hearts and dies with you. Nurishing memories only in our hearts is the beauty of realness which you just denied and poisoned – for the sake of 3 million people who forgets the whole thing after 2 minutes and clicks away from your moment to an other – equally fake and overacted – moment. The internet’s emotional pigstall must go on and eat more, and you just turned your marriage proposal into their visual junkfood. I know it’s not your fault that you were born into an age and a society where your behavior is normal, and I guess you don’t even really understand my point – but I had to tell for the future you, maybe one day you’ll understand.

  4. Greg Howard

    You got to be like in central intelligence when the rock turns off the engine and then if she says no crash to the ground but if she says yes don’t crash to the ground

  5. Sulaiman Alharbi

    You’ve made the best video on YouTube ever, it made me push like and subscribe immediately and I felt it’s not enough, so I made this comment because of how happy moment you both gave us. Congrats to both of you

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